I’m sending hugs and love your way today. 

I’ve got another fun gift idea for you, too! 

What I love about this gift is that it is creative and joyful in advance for the gift-givers, it is certain be such a huge surprise to the recipient, and it is sure to make a lot of people LAUGH a lot!

(Goodness gracious, don’ we all need more laughter?!)

Your gift is to add big sparks of HAPPY to someone’s birthday party by asking all of the guests to DRESS UP like a specific moment in the birthday person’s life! 

Ha ha! This isn’t my idea β€” and I absolutely am delighted by it!

This gift idea came to me courtesy of my friend Brittany, whom you may remember from Roam Collaborative I’ve mentioned before and from my recent Barbie story

Brittany credits her amazing sis-in-law Kate, of Kate Collins Interiors, for this amazing gift idea. Brittany says, “It was for her brother’s 50th, and all three generations participated!”

Before you read the next paragraph, check out that oh-so-happy photo up above!

Here’s how Brittany described the gift:

“We took inspiration from old family photos β€” of him showing his goat in 4-H, of trick-or-treating dressed as a nun, of using dental floss to pull his tooth, him on the high school wrestling team, him as a fly fishing guide, him as a new dad, him with a broken leg, him after getting a perm after losing (or was it winning?) a bet with a colleague! 

She added, “It was an incredible trip down memory lane!  Kate put together a little script and we had a runway show where each era could strut their stuff.  My other sister in law put together a musical playlist that we used for the runway soundtrack.  It was SO FUN!!!! 


I hope you are seeing that this kind of creative expression and showcasing moments from someone’s life is such a GIFT. (Even if you can’t exactly wrap it up and tie it with a bow!)

I’m here to remind you that gifts are not always material things we go out and buy for someone. Gifts are not always things we wrap in pretty paper. 

A gift is an expression of love, appreciation, generosity, positivity, or good energy that we give to someone because we want to intentionally offer them uplift or let them know we care. 

A gift can be anything that puts a frame around a moment and makes it feel sparkly and special! 

We need to reinvent the way we see gifts in our culture because that will enable to us realize that we can celebrate and appreciate people way way more. 

It makes life extra fun!


Let’s rethink the way we see gifts! 

Gifts do not have to cost a certain amount of money or be certain type of anything. 

Gifts are anytime we are intentional with love and thoughtfulness. Period. 

Gifts are when we create JOY for people! 


YOU can be someone who brings people in your life surprise LOVE + extra fun. 

Will you do it? 

We all need more joy and celebration right now.

How about if YOU are the one to plan an “All the YOUs We Love” dress up party?!

I can’t wait to hear all about it! Make sure you email me! And include a photo! 

Seek celebration β€” even in dark corners,

xo Sherry