I’m sending hugs and love your way today. 

And, I’ve got a fun gift idea for you, too! 

What I love about this gift is that it experiential — and it can be as simple or as complex as you like! 

Your gift is to create a memorable moment for people by organizing a “dress up” (or getup!) gathering, dinner, happy hour, outing, or party. 

See that photo up above? That was taken last week when I attended a private showing of “Barbie” in the Lagoon Room of the Cinelounge in Tiburon, CA. 

One of my friends, Michell, decided to invite 40 gals to don their best Barbie attire and enjoy the movie in a cush kinda place. (We had bean bag chairs; overstuffed couches; and pink lights, pink cupcakes, and pink wine!)

I wore a pink wig, some pink floral elephant pants, a glittery pink clutch, and a sequined white jacket. (I’d just found that sequined jacket at a thrift store the week before and my beau had said, “Well, knowing you, you will find someplace to wear it and wow the crowd!” I think Barbie would’ve been proud!)

My friend, Brittany, and I got together to take a walk before the movie and we both commented on how simply dressing up for something made the day stand out. 

It was fun to walk around Tiburon in our pink clothes! We talked about how good it feels to be a little goofy. And how Halloween shouldn’t be the only time adults get to wear costumes and let go of our usual selves. 

You Know?

Our Barbie night was full of silly quips (“Hi my name is Barbie; who are you? I’m Barbie!”) and loads of laughter. It was extra fun to hoot and holler during the movie with all those middle-aged Barbies! 


We can be creative and invite people to “Wear-a-hat Happy Hour” or “Tropical Tuesday Taco Night” or “Disco Brunch.” We can host an Audrey Hepburn movie-watching party and invite our friends to dress as their favorite Audrey character. 

We can pretend our house is a speakeasy or a zoo or a circus. 

It doesn’t really matter what you choose as your theme, as long as it feels creative and fun to YOU. 


Are you asking, “But Sherry, how is inviting people to dress up and go someplace a gift

I’m here to remind you that gifts are not always material things we go out and buy for someone. Gifts are not always things we wrap in pretty paper. 

A gift is an expression of love, appreciation, generosity, positivity, or good energy that we give to someone because we want to intentionally offer them uplift or let them know we care. 

A gift can be anything that puts a frame around a moment and makes it feel all glittery and special! 

I made that definition up! (And I have said this before!)

But, I like it. (And want to keep reminding all of us!) 

I think we need to reinvent the way we see gifts in our culture because that will enable to us realize that we can celebrate and appreciate people way way more. 

It makes life extra fun!

That’s what my friend Michell did by creating this fabulous Barbie dress-up event! 


Let’s rethink the way we see gifts! 

Gifts do not have to cost a certain amount of money or be certain type of anything. 

Gifts are anytime we reach out with love and thoughtfulness. Period. 

Gifts are when we create JOY for people! 


YOU can be someone who brings people in your life surprise LOVE + extra fun. 

Will you do it? 

We all need more joy and celebration right now.

How about if YOU are the one to invite people to GETUP and GO? 

I can’t wait to hear all about it! Make sure you email me! And include a photo! 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry