Hello beautiful friend!

Today I send you the mini-carnations I  bought on a whim at the grocery store. According to my paint chip color wheel, their color is “pink ladies.”

I send you something that catches your eye — and that you say “yes” to as a way to celebrate your beautiful self.

I send you the waltz from “Amelie,” which you can listen to for free online because of this magical world we live in.


My audio LoveGram for today is more conversation about how we learn to love better.

Today, we continue our conversation from last week about how we can choose to intentionally prioritize the people in our life and how we practice this day by day.

(To listen to the audio, just click over to this page, scroll down, and hit “play” on the audio player.)


I’m going to keep the written part of today’s LoveGram short because I want you to listen to the recording. (Sometimes I give it all away in writing, don’t I?!)

I think there’s some good stuff to think about. And I would love to hear YOUR thoughts after you listen.

Some questions we are exploring today:

* Can we learn from method actors how we can self-identify as people who are great at loving others?

* What keeps us from celebrating ourselves and all the good things we do and are?

* Do we celebrate others when good things happen for them?

(Oh, and if you missed last week’s LoveGram, you can find it here.)


Hey, I know that the past two years have been filled with grief, loss, loneliness, and disappointment.

I understand.

I also know that this is exactly why the people in our lives really need us to tap into the part of us that is willing to see them, uplift them, and celebrate them.

It’s all too easy to connect by complaining or commiserating about the hard stuff. 

We can find a different way to connect. 

We can connect through meaningful conversation, through appreciation, and through intentional celebration of what is good. 


Thank you for sharing my values of appreciation, love, and celebration.

Thank you for being someone who cares about creating more color and celebration for yourself and for others.

Part of today’s LoveGram was sparked by someone in our community reaching out with her thoughts. If you think there are other aspects to loving better that we could explore, email me!

I’m grateful to you for being by my side. As Ram Dass says so perfectly, “We are all just walking each other home” — through this pandemic and beyond!

I’m here for you.

I see your beautiful heart.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. Here’s that waltz from the movie, Amelie. It is called Comptine d`un autre ete – l`apres-midi. So beautiful!