Hello friend.

This week’s Audio LoveGram talks about reaching out to people whom we may have a hard time loving. It includes an invitation to participate in a Secret Agents of Change special mission called “Operation Finn.”

My dear friend, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, who leads these missions of love with me, is grieving the death of her teenage son. Finn took his life in August and our mission this week is in honor of Finn.

In my audio today, I tell you more about the theme of this mission, which is to offer love to someone you might find it difficult to love. In our live call earlier this week, Rosemerry told some stories about ways in which Finn showed compassion and love when it wasn’t easy.

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The Secret Agents of Change missions are designed to be as simple or as complex as it works for you. Often, you can complete the secret mission of kindness in just minutes if you don’t have a lot of time or energy. You can also choose to create kindness in a way that is more creative or complicated. It is all up to you.

The point is simply to surreptitiously offer kindness in a world that sorely needs it. (Note: sometimes the person who needs the most kindness and surprise love is YOU. Never leave yourself out of the equation.)


Here are just a few of the beautiful ways our Secret Agents have been carrying out this mission: 

* My boss is a miserable person who makes everyone miserable. I bought her a gift and asked how I could lighten her load.

* I wrote an affirming email to someone who pushes my buttons, thanking them for the work they are doing on a neighborhood issue

* I sent a beautiful card to a relative that is challenging for me. I am thanking him for the good he does in the world.

* I wrote a letter to my youngest son, who has not spoken to me for months, and told him how much I love him.

* I’m sending secret gift cards to the teens who work at a local company.

* I have opened my heart and prayed for someone who was unkind to me and my dog.

* It seems this mission chose me. At a neighborhood event, one of my neighbors that I find “annoying” came and sat right beside me. I chose to intentionally listen and engage in conversation with her. I am going to make her a special birthday present.

* I’ve been forwarding some of Rosemerry’s poems to people who are grieving.

* I am writing a postcard to a family member who hasn’t spoken to me for years. (A postcard so that she might read what it says before she throws it away.)

* I sent a message to my pre-teen niece and acknowledged her bright spirit at the family reunion we just had.

* I tucked a purposeful sum of money into an envelope yesterday along with a note that said “Random Acts of Kindness Treats in memory of Finn Thilo Trommer, a boy who loved people and ice cream.” I took the envelope to our town’s local ice cream and surreptitiously asked the manager to pay for people’s ice-cream that day.


You can read more stories like this on our Secret Agents Facebook Page where our agents report back when they’ve completed their missions of kindness.

You can watch the video replay of the Secret Agents call  — Rosemerry reads the poem and shares some stories about her son, Finn.

Be kind to the people you pass today.

Be kind and gentle with yourself, okay? (Even the parts you think you don’t like.)

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. To make it easy for you: this is the link to this week’s audio LoveGram, this is the link to the Secret Agents of Change replay video, this is the link to the Secret Agents Facebook Group, and this is the link to Rosemerry’s daily poems, the most recent of which will offer you so much comfort if you are grieving a loss in your own life.