Good morning, beautiful friend.

Here we are. Together again. Sunday. Looking toward the light.

No matter what is happening in your life, I want you to know that you are loved. And that no matter how hard things ever get, I hope you will find the smallest pinprick of light to soothe you.

That could be a nanosecond of gazing at the puffy purple alliums in your neighbor’s yard. It could be a tiny glimpse at the wide sky, a moment of feeling held. It might be the quick lick from your furry dog or the purr-purr belly of your orange tabby.

One of the biggest secrets I ever learned was that life happens in tiny moments. If we live that way, we can breathe a little easier. This moment might feel unbearable, but the next one could contain sweet, surprise relief. We can rest in small moments.

Today’s LoveGram is about something else small: baby steps. You know, the wee, lowest denomination amount of something you can do that will move you toward something you want. 


If you listened to last week’s LoveGram, you might remember that I talked about expectations. I invited you to set an expectation for something and to watch what happened.

I said, “Our positive expectations don’t always ensure the outcome we want. However, our expectations do ensure a happy feeling in that moment. They ensure the process of expecting good things, which in itself is a very good thing.”

Today, I continue that conversation by bringing in the next step.

The next step is, in fact, a very very small something. It is a baby step.

Listen to today’s Audio LoveGram by clicking through to this page now!

(Just scroll down on that page until you see the audio player. Press play. That’s it!)


Here’s your challenge this week: Will you pay heed to my own mentor’s reminder that “Common sense is not always common practice?” Will you put your next small step into action even when your Squawky Polly mind is digging in her non-existent heels and putting up a fuss? Will you move forward, just half an inch, toward something good you want? 


Be kind and gentle with yourself, okay?

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry