This lovely couple, Doris and Gary, were just two of the many wonderful people I met while at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Roseville on Saturday.

I decided to take a page from my book, “Say it Now,” and give flowers away. (In the book, I encourage people to bring a single flower to your dentist, your post office clerk, your aunt, or your BFF as a simple and inexpensive way to express joy and appreciation to them.) I brought two dozen pink and yellow roses with me to the store and had a blast giving them away.

When I would see a couple walk in the door, I’d whisper to one of them, “Pssst, want to give a rose to that awesome person you are with?” I also asked a lot of children if they wanted to give flowers to the adults who brought them to the store. You should have seen the children’s faces light up with glee! They were all so quick to take a flower and were all a-giggle giving the flowers to their people.

Not surprisingly, it wasn’t quite as easy with grown-ups. As you might guess, many were cynical and thought I was going to ask for money or try to sell them something. However, I’d made a conscious decision that I wasn’t going to bring up my book unless someone asked me first. Instead, I wanted to take those hours in the bookstore as an opportunity to give people an experience of the book.

What was so transforming was to watch someone who was hesitant to take a flower, actually take one and then hand it to their beloved spouse or daughter when that person came around the corner. It was absolutely delightful.

THESE are the kinds of simple joys that are available to us all the time. You know? Just handing someone we love a flower and watching their glee.

So back to Doris and Gary. Gary chose pink flower for Doris and when I asked him if she was his wife, he told me that they’d been married for many many happy years. He had such loving things to say about her.

After he gave her the flower, she came over to talk. I loved their deep interest in positive psychology and spirituality. We talked about what it is like to create the kind of life that is focused on love and kindness. They were purchasing two journals to take with them on an upcoming trip to Portugal. They said every day at the end of the day, they sit down to write about all the good things that happened, that they are grateful for. Later, when they go home, they can re-read all that positive stuff.

Although they, did, indeed, buy “Say it Now,” I would have been so happy to talk to them even if they hadn’t. They brought me such joy.

Now, they are on their way to Portugal and they will take my book to read together on the trip!!

The next time you pass a flower stand, would you consider buying a single flower and handing it to a stranger or a friend? It might cost you a dollar or two and the payoff will feel huge.

I promise.