Two days ago, I told you a story about a Joy Jar Love List I made for my niece for Graduation. I wanted to share another story with you, in hopes of inspiring you to create one of your own …! 

Here’s another example of a Joy Jar. This was a gift to ME from my teammates at the Burchard Group. They surprised me with it the day my book launched.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much this gift meant to me.

Being able to receive all of that love and support on a day that was a milestone for me, was the BEST feeling ever.

The fact that they all took the time to create this in advance and to shower me with love and support was huge.

AND … receiving a gift that was a gift idea from the book truly grounded me in the joy of these gift ideas. It reflected back to me in a tangible way what it truly means to say it now!

I also wanted you to see that this Joy Jar is basically a mason jar, which you can buy in the kitchen supplies area of stores like Target, Big Lots, or Walmart. Or even a lot of grocery stores.

Also, the notes were printed on plain white paper and cut into strips. If you don’t wanna mess with label paper and color backing, this is an easy alternative. And it is filled with every bit as much love!

To watch a five-minute video with step-by-step instructions for creating a Joy Jar, click here!