Materials Needed:

  • A glass jar, fun canister, decorative box, or any other lovely container.
  • Some embellishments, if you wish: ribbon, buttons, costume jewels, small chotchkes, meaningful tiny things.
  • Paper and pens to make your Love List items that will be included on slips or small scrolls. You could also print them, using fun fonts if you choose.
  • Your Love List for the recipient.

Note: If you don’t know what a Love List is, download my free Love List Tool Kit filled with printables, prompts and presentation tips! You can also read this article in Huffington Post.

Note: If you would like to make a special fairy light joy jar like the one pictured, watch the video below, which outlines everything you need to do!

Note: If you would like to write a knock-their-socks-off Love List, here are some prompts and also a free audio workshop with creativity experts Maya Stein and Amy Tingle to help you out!

Note: If you love this idea, but need some one-on-one help writing your list, I’m here for you! I can get on the phone with you for 30 minutes and have a fun conversation in which I jot down at least 15 — but likely 30+— creative items for your Love List.

lindaanddaughyterClick this link to read a story about a Joy Jar Linda Ryan received.

50-days-of-happy-150x150Here is the Joy Jar Linda received as a gift from her daughter.

eric-simpleHere is a Joy Jar Eric Salahub made this for his wife, Jill. I love the simplicity. And Jill did, too. Here’s what she said: “This was one of the best presents ever! The best thing was the way he did it: he didn’t make it a precious project, didn’t try to make it perfect or fussy, he just cut up some slips of paper and started writing.”

All too often we get tangled up in perfection and it keeps us from doing these kinds of things. Let Eric be our model for how to create loving gifts without thinking they have to be fancy in order to convey our love.

love-jar-blur-300x225Here’s a beautiful Joy Jar one of my coaching clients, Ingrid Lill, made for her husband. Look how she illustrated it with a drawing of their family!

kw-joy-box-pinHere’s another example by Kelley Walker. This is a small wooden box and she included favorite memories of times she shared with her loved one.