Yearly Blog Archives: 2018

Permission to let go.


I send you peace, love, and ease. I send you a long nap in the middle of the day, your cats snuggled beside you. I send you Grandma's quilt wrapped around you as you read a great book. I send you laughter with your best friend as you sip cinnamon tea. I send you the memory of your child...

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be the light. be the light. be the light.


I woke up to news of another shooting. This following all of the divisiveness of the US elections a couple days ago. That following the heart-breaking images of starving children in Yemen. I don't need to go on. I don't need to list the countless more. You know all of this. Your h...

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{Replay + Invite} What if you had 24 Hours to Live?


Thank you to everyone who attended our Virtual Book Launch Party Wednesday evening for Alex Franzen's new novel, "So This is the End: A Love Story." It was fun to see some familiar faces and also to meet some of you for the first time! Alex read a beautiful excerpt from her book and t...

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Small things are no small thing


Sometimes my mentor, Brendon Burchard, asks us to consider what we would shout from the rooftop if we had a chance. What would we want to say to millions of people, given an opportunity? This morning, I woke up thinking about it. I knew I wanted to write to you. But what did I want to say? W...

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Practicing what I preach.


I’m practicing what I preach. Big time. What I’m practicing is something you’ve heard me say a million times: “seek and create pinpricks of light.” I wrote the note to you (below) a week ago, but I realized today that I forgot to hit “go” on posting it. (Sigh) I fel...

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Celebrate a talented friend!


My friend, Tom, is a playwright who lives in Los Angeles. I met Tom back in 1985 when I was an intern at the Los Angeles Children’s Museum and he was the theater teacher there. We’ve remained friends all these years and I’ve been lucky enough to have attended a number of his shows. ...

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I wanted to share my latest guest post on the Kind Over Matter website. This article is one I think you’ll love! It is all about re-appreciation, a really fun practice that will make you feel happy inside. And will make others say “wow” about you!! Here’s that link! Enjoy!! ...

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Your glass is already broken.


On a recent call, my spiritual teacher, Cheri Huber, mentioned a wonderful quote about impermanence: "Your favorite tea cup is already broken." We know that everything changes. That we change. That all life is always in a state of flux. Yet, doesn't it seem to be that one of the things t...

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Live from High Tea with Marjorie


This newsletter is dedicated to one of our wonderful community members, Marjorie Akin, who contacted me a few months ago and said, "Hey, I've been following your work for a long time and I'm coming to San Francisco; could I treat you to tea as a thank you for all you do?" As you might imagin...

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Add oomph for out-of-towners


Want to add some awesome oomph to your friend or family's visit to your hometown?  If they're staying at a local hotel, call a few days ahead of time and ask the front desk if you could drop off some sweet treats and/or flowers and if they'd deliver them to the room your friends are staying...

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