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Create Joy with a Self Care Date!


Need a little TLC for yourself? Grab some paper and a pen and listen to this 30-minute audio conversation I had with Lauri Mackay, proprietor of Lauri's Lemonade Stand. Lauri has just launched her book, "Positivity Happens: Creating Happiness and Finding Hope Through the Art of Holiatry." ...

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This last minute Dad’s Day gift idea might make you cry!


My friend Tamara has three awesome daughters. I've never met them in person, but I've loved them from afar whenever I hear stories about them from Tamara. These three wonderful teens —Cassidy, McKenna + Cori — got wind of my Love List idea last year and they decided to make a video for t...

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Father’s Day Love List Video


Thank you to Cassidy, McKenna + Cori for giving me permission to post this creative and loving Father's Day gift video they made in 2017 for their Dad. Hopefully it might inspire you to give a Love List Video Gift for someone in your life! For those of you who may want to try a Love List...

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{Gift idea!} Next time you go away, leave this behind!


I want to tell you about an amazing couple and a creative gift idea they shared with me recently! Maggie and Lacy live in a beach town in Oregon and have been together for five years. For as long as I’ve known them, I have never heard either one say one word that is negative or mean-spirit...

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What you did for my mom!


Remember a couple weeks ago when I put out a request for folks to send birthday cards to my mom for her 80th? Every day since then her box has been full of cards! She has been overwhelmed — in the most positive of ways!— by all your love and kindness. My mom has been leaving me m...

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Will you help me celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday?


My wonderful mother, Becky, turned 80 last week Friday, April 27th. I've been asking everyone I know if they'd be willing to send a card to my mom for her birthday. I wanted her to receive cards, before, during, and after the actual day so her birthday celebration goes on and on! I'...

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Who needs your gift of intention today?


Remember in last week's newsletter I told you that I had woken up with a line from Mary Oliver’s poem in my head: “What is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” I also told you that I was headed to Josephine’s Cabin for an overnight retreat. As always, havi...

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Ask yourself this one question


(Reprinted from a Simply Celebrate newsletter, April 5, 2018)  I'm packing up right now to take myself on my quarterly overnight vision retreat. This is a gift I give myself to get perspective on my life. No internet. No phone service. Lots of meditation, reflection, and contemplation. (...

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Poetry and Conversation with Maya Stein


Last week my dear friend and amazing poet, Maya Rachel Stein, joined me on a live call to share some poetry and talk about how the ideas in the poems could be used as teaching moments in our daily lives. I often use Maya's poetry with my coaching clients because her work is beautiful, ye...

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