Monthly Blog Archives: April 2010

Seeping through the cracks.


I’m with some girlfriends lounging and splashing in Hawaii. The landscape is gorgeous, of course. And the chance to relax feels divine. But one of the other best things about a trip like this is having the opportunity/time/freedom to dig around in some of those dark inner worlds that mig...

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If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is “thank you,” that would suffice. - Meister Eckhart (I just got finished writing my post about “letting go” before my trip to Hawaii. Am feeling extraordinarily grateful for being able to create a little breathing ro...

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The art of letting go.


Hi everyone. If you receive the Simply Celebrate newsletter, you have already read that I am a CRAZY woman when it comes to trying to prepare to leave for a trip. All of my karma seems to rise to the surface — stuff about needing to be perfect, about control, about deserving, you name it...

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More Pik-Me-Ups …


In the last issue of the Simply Celebrate monthly ezine, I listed 17 ways to get a quick energy boost or to change my mood. I asked folks to let me know if they had anything to add to the list. One of my delightful readers and friends, Audrey from Boston, sent me some of her own...

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Curses Versus Gratitude.


This morning when I was driving my son to school, I was on a busy major street and someone was double-parked, causing me to have to stop and try to merge into the left lane. I had my turn signal on to indicate that I needed to move over, but car after car after car sped by, not allowing me to ...

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Laugh Out Loud-able.


Ah, it is nearly the end of the day. I’m wondering if you laughed out loud today. I cracked up when I was juggling grapefruit with my son and they thunked on the floor and rolled away. But then I decided I needed a little more belly laughs. And that’s when I remembered “Laughi...

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