In the last issue of the Simply Celebrate monthly ezine, I listed 17 ways to get a quick energy boost or to change my mood. I asked folks to let me know if they had anything to add to the list. One of my delightful readers and friends, Audrey from Boston, sent me some of her own tips. AND she also sent the photo of her gorgeous dog (above) — just looking at that cute canine face is a huge pik-me-up! I am grinning right now.

Here are a few things Audrey suggested:

  • Take a walk “off the grid” with your dogs – no phone, no iPod …  just you, the dogs, and the world around you
  • Drop what you’re doing and play chase with your dog – five time around the living room. She wins, and you’ve run, laughed, and figured out what’s important in life
  • Bake some cookies
  • Spend five minutes to fix up a room in your house (make your bed, put your clothes away, and clean up your dresser top) – it may sound yucky to do, but the feeling of peace and organization you get the next time you walk into that room is worth it

Audrey, I’m grateful to you for sending these in!  And I love what you said about having dozens more but they all revolve around your dogs! Hee hee.

If anyone has things to add to the list, let me know! Sometime soon I’m hoping to add Audrey’s list to the one I already started and post ‘em someplace on the website. Would love your thoughts, too!