Monthly Blog Archives: March 2010

Around the corner.


This morning I was taking a walk, listening to one of my favorite coaches/speakers, Rich German, speak about “Spiritual Integration” — truly living life as a whole person, full of good health, intimate relationships, financial prosperity, and authentic joy. I w...

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Words are overrated.


Some days (like today) I really want to connect, but words don’t seem right. They seem too clunky. Too heavy. So I’m sending a photo I didn’t take. And some music I didn’t make. They don’t have anything in common. Except they move me. What moved you today? ...

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Creativity Unleashed.


It’s good news she’s just given you on the phone. A girl’s dream come true. The highest nod of approval from her peers. And maybe it’s the shock of it that makes you bungle it and say something stupid like, “How is this possible?” which is when she ha...

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I wish I may; I wish I might.


Amy Krouse Rosenthal, author of Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, has set up a wishing line. She is inviting folks to call in and whisper, sing, or shout their wish.  (Actually, she just says to leave your wish on the recording; I like the poetic notion of more dramatic way...

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Life passing before our eyes…


Thanks to Ian for sending me the link to this film by James Price. It is called “People in Order 1: Age.” It gets better and better as it goes … Take a few minutes to check it out and consider what an amazing journey we’re all on. ...

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Wonder. Full.


What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner. —Colette Quick! Can you list ten things that make your life wonderful? (Here are the first ten to pop into my head right now for me: My son’s sense of humor, readily-available running water, I&rsquo...

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