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{Celebration Superstar} You can be a tiny bit courageous!


I’m excited to introduce you to a Celebration Superstar, Tom Bartley.

Remember in a recent audio LoveGram when I talked to you about taking the challenge to connect with someone during what might typically be a transactional moment — at a store, at the post office, passing someone on the street?

I shared with you some ideas from a Secret Agents of Change mission and invited you to give it a whirl.

Did you?

Well, the reason Tom is a superstar in my book is because he tried it!  And I’m so proud of him.


I recently met Tom and his wife Staci at a cafe in Fairfield, California.

Well, what I mean is that I met them in person. I’d actually known (and loved) them both for several years after we met online after I published an article about relationships.

Staci and Tom have a beautiful business focused on helping couples have deeper, more honest, more loving relationships.

They are an incredibly joyful and compassionate couple. I was so excited to get the chance to meet them in person!


When we met, our conversation naturally turned to relationships. I told them how fascinated I’d been recently with the idea of connecting with strangers in new ways.

Tom pointed out that he thought it was easy for his wife and me to connect with strangers because we have a lot of practice. He wondered aloud what it would take for someone who was a tiny bit shy to open up to a stranger and intentionally make a connection. 

I said, “Well, how about if you try it out and see what happens?”

I challenge Tom to connect to the owner of the restaurant, Guy, who had stopped by our table earlier to check in on us.

Tom took that challenge!

The next time Guy passed by, Tom stopped him and wondered if he could ask Guy a question.

If you click here you can hear Tom talk about what happened! 


Tom, when you read this, I hope you will appreciate yourself for being courageous enough to open up to a stranger.

It sounds like a simple thing, but it isn’t! It is bravery!

Many of us have donned metaphorical suits of armor in order to protect ourselves from being disappointed or rejected. 

However, those suits of armor also keep us from spontaneous connection and shared joy. 

Did YOU let down your guard this week?

Did you have a moment of connection with someone where you left knowing that you made their day a little brighter?

If so, really let yourself FEEL the significance of that. I mean it.

If not, guess what? Today is another day!

It is a brand new moment and chances are likely you will cross another person’s path. You can be courageous. You can lift their spirits with a genuine hello and a pause to listen to how the are doing.

Will you do this?  Just look at the experience Tom had!



Celebration is waiting for us. 

It is right here, in this moment, when we love who we are, the people around us, and the shape of our lives. 

I love you and am cheering you on, always.

Thanks for who you are.

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. You saw Tom’s video … here’s the one I took of Tom interacting with Guy! (With permission, of course.)


LoveGram: Touchpoints!



Welcome to this week’s LoveGram.

Today, I send you that moment when you pass someone on the street and you both say hello at the exact same time.

I send you a sunny exchange with the UPS delivery driver and his cheerful wave when he turns to leave.

I send you an elderly woman behind you in line at the market and the way her face lights up when she talks about her grandson after you comment that the ice-cream in her basket looks yummy.


Today, my audio LoveGram is about moments of connection with people.

You know, those little moments where your world intersects with someone briefly and there is an opportunity to leave a trace of sunshine or laughter.

Listen to today’s Audio LoveGram by clicking through to this page now!  (Just scroll down on that page until you see the audio player. Press play. That’s it!)


You’ll hear me talk about how when we are on autopilot, we sometimes totally miss these little lit-up moments.

I want to call them “touchpoints” but when I looked that word up, it has a business meaning: “a point of contact or interaction between a business and its customers.”

Well, shoot. It seems like a waste of such a good word, doesn’t it?

To me, “touchpoints” seems like a great word for a single moment when we are touched by another person.

It is a spark of good ole basic humanity, kindness, and warmth.

It is a pinpoint of light that is shared between people.


I’m hoping that as you listen to today’s audio, you will think about this for yourself and imagine what your life would be like if you intentionally set out to create more of these happy touchpoint moments.

With so much grief, violence, anger, and division in the world, can you imagine what an impact it might make if each of us set out to build tiny bridges, day by day, with people we might normally ignore?

What if we could pause and remember that each person we pass has hopes and dreams and grief and disappointments and people they love and worries and wishes?

What if, as Ellen Bass says so beautifully in her poem titled If You Knew, “we could see them as they are, soaked in honey, stung and swollen, reckless, pinned against time?”


Can you imagine that if you intentionally created more of this warm, loving touchpoints, that your life might feel bigger? 

I hope so.

I hope you might choose to give it a whirl and practice today.

This is what we are exploring in the audio today.

After all, we could all use a little more love in our lives.


I hope you will take 15 minutes to listen to this week’s LoveGram now.

Thank you for being on this journey of love, celebration, and appreciation with me.

Thank you for the ways you practice love.

I’m grateful for your presence in my life.

We are all just walking each other home. (Thank you, Ram Dass.)

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S I know how easy it is to feel helpless in the face of horrors. This is just a little encouragement to do something tangible that brings some love and light into the world. It might be donating to an organization offering aid. It might be helping someone ill or elderly in your neighborhood. It might be volunteering. It might be sitting quietly and really listening to someone who is suffering. Whatever feels like the next right action, is the one to take.

P.P.S. I facilitate a Zoom conversation every Wednesday with Mango Publishing authors. Last Wednesday the conversation was focused on ways to bridge differences and to create more connection. If you need some compassionate and thought-provoking conversation, especially in light of the horrific events at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX, watch this replay. Our two authors bring so much heart to how we deal with the violence and how we can make changes in our culture.  I know it helped me a lot to hear two men express compassion and wisdom.

LoveGram: Good Life


Hello my friend,

Welcome to this week’s LoveGram.

I send you the sound of your best friend’s voice when he answers the phone at a time when you really needed him to be there. And there he is.

Today I send you that surge of joy when you pass a baby on the street and she gives you a big toothless grin.

I send you that moment when you share a little joke with the clerk at the post office and for a moment, everything feels aligned and right.



In today’s LoveGram, we talk about how to expand the definition of the word “LOVE,” so that it fills our lives in brand new ways.

We talk about those daily moments with strangers, many of which might go unnoticed, but which are filled with possibility.

(To listen to the audio, just click over to this page, scroll down, and hit “play” on the audio player.)



William Butler Yeats wrote, “There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”

What would the world feel like to us if we thought about that sentiment every time we left our house?


In my LoveGram, I share with you about some experiences I had when I was traveling in Europe recently and met some amazing ordinary/extraordinary people.

I hope you’ll take 15 minutes to listen.

If you want to see some of the faces and hear some stories about the beautiful folks I met when I traveled through France, Spain, and Portugal, join me on Instagram. I’ve been sharing there and have dozens more to introduce to you!

That photo up above is Theresa, who cheerfully chose a bold red wine as my “Welcome Drink” at the Palacio Pinello hotel in Seville.  Theresa was warm and friendly. She sent me on up to the hotel’s rooftop terrace so I could sip my way ‘til sunset — with a beautiful view! The photo of me is from that rooftop, feeling ever so happy!

And I hope you’ll email me and let me know what happens when you try out my suggestion at the end of the audio LoveGram!


I love you. I’m here with you.

Thank you for being on this journey of love, celebration, and appreciation with me.

I’m grateful for your presence in my life.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. Here’s the music video for “Good Life,” the One Republic snippet of music you hear in my audio.

Lovegram: Open the Door!


Hello and Happy Sunday …

Today I am sending you the happy faces of Arnold and his two brothers — photo above.

I am sending you the quiet ease of a Sunday and the possibility of a shared meal with family or some space alone to read and reflect.

I am sending you renewed enthusiasm for the beauty of a single flower, that resilient old oak tree, or a hummingbird’s zing.


Today, my LoveGram is about the gift of warmth, friendliness, and opening the door to connection. 

Hear today’s Audio LoveGram now! 

Just scroll down on this page until you see the audio player. Click play! Voila!

After you listen to today’s LoveGram, consider some places in your life where you may want to bring a little extra spirited enthusiasm. 

Can you be the one in your family or at work to lift everyone’s mood with your enthusiasm? Can you bring a smile to a stranger’s face on the bus or whom you pass on your walk? 

How would you intentionally bring some extra zest to YOURSELF?

We can practice feeling connected. We can practice feeling energized. We can practice being more open, loving and kind. We can practice small shifts and notice the impact. 

I’ve been creating these Sunday LoveGrams since March of 2020. Having you here with me throughout this pandemic has been so important. Being together in our experiences is truly a gift.

Thank you.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. That’s Arnold and his brothers in the photo up above. I was so delighted by their bright energy and joyful demeanors, that I had asked them if I could take a photo of them together. I’m glad I did, because I texted it to Arnold while we were still chatting so they could have a souvenir of their time together. He texted me later and now we can stay connected! Arnold gave me permission to use the photo and share this story with you.