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A l’il weekend zest…

I hope you’re having a wonderful week.

Are you winding down your summer? Or is still in full throttle?

Sending you wishes for a weekend full of ease and playful interactions. May you laugh a lot. May you watch a sunset. May you walk barefoot in the grass. May you sing out loud (on or off key!) to a song you love.

Today I collected for you just a few this and that’s, which I’ve been meaning to tell you about, but just haven’t had the chance.

These are some fun and high-energy video conversations plus some written words.

I hope you hear or read something that gives you an idea of one simple way to experience or give more love.

May they give you some sparks of inspiration + joy!


1. I had so much fun during this video conversation with Carrie Roldan. We talked a lot about “How to become your future self.” In other words, how do we begin to live more fully the life that is calling to us? I’m pretty sure I talk about hats a lot in this one! This is a must-listen in you need some oomph and a l’il kickstart!

2. I got to give a love gesture suggestion in Parents Magazine about a version of the Love List for children’s lunch bags. If you are a parent, definitely check out this article for all the ideas! There are some great suggestions to slip some nurturing in with all those luncheon nutrients.

3. Here’s my latest guest post in the wonderful website, Kind Over Matter. This is called, “Make a Date with Love,” and gives you an easy-peasy way to tend to relationships all year long. I hope everyone will try this!

4. For any creative types out there, and you know I believe that is everyone, this is a conversation with Ronnie Walter when she interviewed me for her “Coffee with Ronnie” show. Ronnie is a breath of fresh air and we cover all kinds of topics around living a creative life. Grab your mug o’ joe, or drink of your choice, lie in the hammock, and listen in.


I’m off to finish my own morning coffee, meditate, and then live out this brand new day. It is very sunny and I’m headed to the beach with a friend later. I think the forecast calls for parasols.

Sending you hugs and surprises.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,
xo Sherry


P.S. Don’t forget to find a way to “Say it Now” today — and everyday.

Permission to let go.

I send you peace, love, and ease.
I send you a long nap in the middle of the day, your cats snuggled beside you.
I send you Grandma’s quilt wrapped around you as you read a great book.
I send you laughter with your best friend as you sip cinnamon tea.
I send you the memory of your childhood and the sound of your mother’s voice late at night.
I send you a kiss on the forehead.
I send you a deep sigh of letting go.
I send you a heart that can hold your grief just as confidently as it holds your joy.
I send you the surprise of colored lights as you turn a corner in the part of your world where you thought it was pitch dark.
I send you striped candy canes and the smell of pine.
I send you a pillow scented with lilac.
I send you deep sleep.
I send you a sky full of twinkling stars who hold your secret dreams.
I send you oceans of release.
I send you long meals with people you love.
I send you clove scented candles and flickering flames.
I send you a hot bath with eucalyptus bubbles.
I send you a space of time to sit and gently watch the sun set.
I send you the giggles of children.
I send you your own heart’s squeal of delight.
I send you buttered toast on a quiet morning before the sun rises.
I send you the sound of snow crunching under your feet.
I send you the smell of a newborn’s sweet cheeks.
I send you a box filled with hope.
I send you one more breath, one more moment.
I send you here, now, all okay.
I send you the deepest love for who you are and for your sweet heart.
I send you peace.

Seek celebration—even in the dark corners,
xo Sherry Richert Belul

P.S. I encourage you to print this page, cut out your permission slip, and post it someplace you will see it often. Please know that you are enough. YOU are the gift.