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LoveGram: Keep Breathing


Good morning my beautiful friend.

Thank you for being with me on this human journey.

Thank you for being someone who cares about loving and growing and allowing.

Thank you for being someone who shows up for yourself and for everything Life offers — all the grief and all the celebration and everything in between.

Today, I send you the tall, bold red hibiscus bloom that opened up unexpectedly — almost before my very eyes.

Today, I send you the words, “keep breathing,” from a song that showed up for me this morning. I send you the understanding that sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, that is all we can do. Sometimes, we can only keep breathing … and trust that we will get righted again from whatever has knocked us over.

Today I send you the taste of a chocolate truffle, this one spiced pumpkin. The next one, hazelnut.


This week’s LoveGram emerged — once again as they often do!— from a song that Life gifted me with unexpectedly this morning.

The song is called, “Keep Breathing,” and it is from an album named, “Be Okay.”

Gotta love that, right? {insert smile here!}

To hear the audio LoveGram, click on the link, then scroll down on the page it sends you to, you’ll see the audio player.


Last week, when you received my LoveGram, I was flying to Colorado to visit my dear friend, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer. I shared with you a poem. I want you to hear it again.

I want you to pay attention to what happens for us when we repeat poems, prayers, or wisdoms.

What do we hear anew?

What layers get revealed that we missed?

In the case of today’s LoveGram, I invite us all to explore even more deeply what it means to live in a human body, experiencing grief and celebration.

And everything in between.

Can we allow ourselves the whole range of feelings and experiences?

Here’s the poem for you again:

Strange Bedmates

By Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

grief and celebration

share the same bed—

one keeps stealing the blanket

the other

keeps knitting a beautiful new one


There you have it. Grief and celebration. Two sides of the same human coin.

To me, being present in all of the feelings of being human, to allow ourselves the whole range of human experience is authentic celebration.

We must let ourselves feel the 10,000 joys and the 10,000 sorrows. We can help each other through the heavy, hard ones and we can celebrate together in the light ones.

I encourage you to allow it all. Accept it all.

Keep breathing through it all.

Keep breathing, even in the darkest moments.

Keep breathing in the sunlight.

You are okay. Be okay.

Thank you for being by my side for this journey.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

July Celebration Superstar: Alison Luterman


Happy Sunday! I’m writing to you from my mom’s house in Ohio! This is the first time I’ve seen her in a year and a half. It is so wonderful.

Full disclosure — I recorded today’s audio LoveGram while I was still in San Francisco. I knew that I would be so caught up in all the joys of being with my mom, that I might not be mindful of the days. That happens here. It is a sweet little time warp.

So, to make sure I still got to connect with you, but also made it doable for me, I recorded and uploaded the audio in advance.

How are you doing this week? How is your heart? How is your energy? You are on my mind!

This morning I send you permission to make something easier for yourself. What can you do today that will make tomorrow’s task more doable? (I like to think of this as helping out your future self!)

I send you the way it feels to see the face of your loved one after way too long without them.

I send you watermelon juice, dribbling down your chin.

I send you a big butterfly flitting by — pale yellow with black swooshes.

Today, my LoveGram is about this month’s Celebration Superstar, Alison Luterman, and some of her ways of bringing appreciation and celebration to the people in her life.  Also, be sure to listen because I read a thought-provoking poem that she wrote!

(Click on either link up above, then scroll down on that page until you see the audio player. Press PLAY to listen to the love!)

Alison Luterman is a poet, teacher, playwright, improvisor, lyricist, student of singing and music, and enthusiastic collaborator.

Ali is also dedicated to deepening her relationships and finding new ways to show people that she supports them and loves them.

That’s why today I’m raising a glass to her and recognizing her as my July Celebration Superstar, a monthly recognition for people who embody the spirit of Simply Celebrate and Say it Now.

I’ve long been a fan of Alison’s poetry, which is a celebration of being human.

As well, get this: Ali has been writing and performing personalized songs for people in her life. She wants people to be celebrated in a unique way that shows them she sees them and that they really matter.

Ali wanted to make sure that I added a note that she creates those customized songs along with a collaborator, Steve Chiasson. “Steve is a skilled singer-songwriter who composes the melodies and makes my lyrics better. I couldn’t do this alone, and I don’t!” Alison says.

(I love that it was so important to Ali that she celebrate Steve in this process. That is another example of her generous heart and her spirit of noticing the impact people have!)

Another couple things that make Ali such a Celebration Superstar is that she has made Love Lists for people and she really gets the importance of them. She’s also been such a wonderful support for me regarding my book, “Say it Now.”

(For those of you who are new to Simply Celebrate, a Love List is simply a list of specific reasons why we love someone. It shows that person the impact they’ve had on our lives and why they matter.)

Two more things I’m celebrating about Ali: 

* She’s exemplified the e.e. Cummings quote, “It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are.” I’ve seen the way that Ali is brave being herself. Writing poetry is just one way. That’s a biggie. But she also does improv and sings/plays the piano.

* Ali is on the lookout for how to find more joy in life. AND, she is completely authentic — allowing all the other human emotions to travel through her. That’s the real celebration spirit.

As always, thank you for being here and for your own ways of being a Celebration Superstar, which I know you are. (Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here!) 

Thank you for the ways you are on the lookout for how to love better and enjoy more!

Thank you for your heart and goodness. I see it!


Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry