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Uplift Gift: Pretend Birthday!


Hello my beautiful friend!

Hey, I have an idea for you of something super simple you can do that will really make someone in your life HAPPY.

For this uplifting and joyful gift, all you need is a birthday card — store bought or homemade — and a date on the calendar to spend time with someone you love.

If you want, you can also add in flowers or a balloon or dressy clothes or bubbles or a tiara or other celebratory sumpthins. But none of these are necessary for this gift to have an impact.


So, what are we up to?

We’re gonna surprise your person with a “Pretend Birthday!”

This is a way of adding some unexpected appreciation and celebration during a time in the world when life can feel really hard.


The Pretend Birthday:

So, what do you do?

Write out your card. And, like I said, if you want to add any extra fun things, get ’em ready.

Then, you show up at the expected time and meeting place and immediately give your person a BIG HUG — if that feels Covid safe!

You immediately hand them the card and say, “Happy Pretend Birthday!” Then add, “In honor of your AMAZINGNESS, we are pretending it is your birthday today. I’m treating you to dinner/lunch/dessert/whatever and we are going to celebrate YOU!”


Then, put on your best extra-special sparkle and charm.

If it feels organic and authentic, tell this person some things you love and appreciate about them.

Ask them if there is any support they need or any way you can be especially helpful.

Really, truly pretend as if it is their birthday and make it SPECIAL in any way that occurs to you.

Note: You could even tell your server at the restaurant that it is your table mate’s birthday and ask for a candle in the dessert!

Why not?!


How fun would it be to do this for someone who isn’t expecting anything but a lovely time with you?

It layers on the love and goodness!


This idea came from a Club House conversation I had with my friend, Elise, a few months ago. We called it, “Let’s Pretend it’s Your Birthday” and we encouraged people to celebrate themselves.

Now, it just so happened that later that same day, I was meeting my friend, Tricia, for a sunset dinner in Sausalito.

I found a birthday card in my box o’ emergency greeting cards and wrote a short message to her.

Then, I did exactly what I said to you: when we sat down, I let her know I was celebrating her pretend birthday and wanted to treat her to dinner.

It was so much fun!


Making these kinds of “I celebrate you” gifts for others has literally changed the shape of my life.

My connections to people have deepened over the years.

I feel more positive because I am on the lookout for unique ways to celebrate.

It is a lifestyle that we can choose.

I want this for you, too.

Hope you will try this uplift gift for someone you love.

I promise you, it will feel like a gift for you, too!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. My book, Say it Now, is filled with dozens more creative ideas like this to celebrate and appreciate people you love!


LoveGram: Lean on me


Hello, my beautiful friend. Welcome to a new day!

Today, I send you the warmth of the yellow sun on your sweet face.

I send you that fluffy, gray neighborhood cat, who meows as a small plea for a friendly touch and pet.

I send you those ultra purple flowers on their spindly stems, how they look like they are waving to you as you pass. The way they nod their lovely heads in agreement with all that you are.

I send you a steaming bowl of oatmeal, with that spoonful of diced date which your former self from yesterday had cut as a morning gift.

I send you the way you smile, grateful for the way your yesterday self took care of you — not just the sweet chopped date, but the way she walked miles and drank many cups of water and how she ended the day with poetry so you would sleep deeply.

I send you this, my note, across however many miles, the connection of our spirits.

And most of all, today I send you someone whom you love. I send you that person’s face, their laugh, their warm hug.


Today, my LoveGram is about friendship. 

It is about the way we can intentionally love people and allow that love to seep into the corners of our being and lift us, like a fresh coat of paint or a spritz of lavender.

Listen on this page!  Just scroll down on this page until you see the audio player. Click play! Voila!


How can you practice loving better this week?

How can you allow your creativity and intuition to guide you to a new way of connection with someone?

How can you bring mindfulness to the joy you feel and to the love that has the capacity to keep growing and expanding? 


This week’s challenge is to think about someone in your life whom you will be seeing later this week or next and to do something to show them how wonderful they are. Give some thought in advance to a little sumpthin’ that will tell or show them that they matter to you.

What is happening in their life that you can appreciate or celebrate? Is there something they are struggling with that you can help lighten the load? Is there a memory that you can bring to life all over again for them — perhaps print a photo or play a song from that time?

Thank you for listening, today.

Thank you for being you.

Whether or not we’ve met in “real life,” I feel your support and connection.


Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. Here’s the link I promised for the Kind Over Matter article on making a “Musical Memory Lane” gift for someone. Maybe for a Dad or Grad in your life? Maybe for a bride or groom? Maybe for someone “Just Because.”

P.P.S Here’s the link to the song I was playing, “Lean on Me,” by Bill Withers.

LoveGram: Be Brave with love today!


Hello, my dear friend.

Thank you for offering support and cheering me on for my very first television segment that happened on Friday.

I was really nervous and scared. But I wrote myself a note that said, “Today I will remember that my desire to help people live a life filled with love and without regrets is greater than my fear.”

It’s Valentine’s Day and today I’m encouraging all of us to be more BRAVE in living our lives and in expressing our love. 

I’m not just talking about romantic relationships. I mean all of the people we love.

It can feel vulnerable and uncomfortable to be the one who reaches out. However, the payoff is huge.

Who we become in the process of expressing more love, gratitude, and appreciation is simply amazing.

Do you know what I mean?

Today’s LoveGram is posted on this page. Click to get it! 

I hope you will listen all the way through, because I offer you a tiny Valentine’s Day challenge.

During this pandemic more people than ever are grieving, isolated, sick, and depressed. People NEED love, light, and joy. 

Can you step up, break through any resistance or vulnerability, and be the one to shine light today? 

Let’s do it, together!

Thanks for being by my side.

I’m here for you, too.

Sending special love on Valentine’s Day!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


💓 P.S. If you do what I encourage you to do in today’s LoveGram, please email me and share with me about it, okay. When we share our experiences it “anchors them in” — meaning, it helps them settle solidly in our bodies. Those experiences stick!

💓 P.P.S. Watch the KTVU television segment here!

Last-Minute Valentine

Commercial holidays can be hard for so many. Reach out this weekend to someone who needs a boost of true Valentine’s LOVE. Read on:

My friend (whom I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting in person, but will some day!) Deanna Bowers is a fellow fan of a brand of shoes called John Fluevog Shoes.

What I love about Fluevogs is that they are colorful, comfortable, playful, and FUN.

Every day Deanna participates in something some Fluevies (sassy fluevog wearers) do called Color of the Day (COTD).

During this past week, the COTD just happened to match my book, “Say it Now!”

I wanted to share what Deanna posted because it made me so HAPPY.

You can see that Deanna included the book in her COTD post, but what she was too humble to mention is that she is INCLUDED in my book.

Deanna painted a very colorful + beautiful likeness of her friend, Nancy Shanteau. That painting really showcased Nancy’s positive, bright, loving spirit.

I used Deanna and Nancy’s story to illustrate the gift idea of painting, drawing, photographing, or doodling a positive and uplifting image of someone in your life.

Can you do something like this for someone you love? (Especially someone who may not be feeling or seeing their color or spirit these days because they’re grieving, sick, or isolated?)

It can be as simple as a quick watercolor, ink drawing, or DOODLE that you make and underneath it you write three things you love about this person.

It could be that you find a photograph that really shows that person in their best light. Send them a text or email with that photo and again, a few things you love about them. (This could literally be done in 10 minutes! The impact could be huge!)

When we’re depressed or grieving it can be hard to see the color and light. Help someone see it in themselves. (And watch how great YOU feel in the process of sending that love!)