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Happy World Gratitude Day!


How are you, my friend?

Today is World Gratitude Day and YOU are on my mind. 


You are on my mind because I am so grateful that we are connected. 

I am grateful for your love, support, friendship, and caring. 

I am grateful that we share the values of family, friends, shared experiences, and simple moments of celebration. 

I am grateful that we share ideas for loving more fully and for coming back home to our hearts, day after day. 

Thank you for being in my life!


Wherever you are in the world, whatever you are doing when you are reading this, will you do me a favor? Will you pause to appreciate yourself for being a good-hearted, loving person? 

I mean it. 

Don’t rush past this request. Don’t shrug it off. 

I know you. I see who you are. I celebrate you. 

I want YOU to celebrate you, too!  


And, in honor of World Gratitude Day, would you do this one small thing? 

Please, reach out to someone whose heart you know and love. Let that person know they’ve impacted you. Tell them that you love having them in your life. Thank them. Plain and simple.  

Gratitude is here, right now.

Celebration is waiting for us. 

It is right here, in this moment, when we love who we are, the people around us, and the shape of our lives. 

I love you and am cheering you on, always. 

Thanks for who you are. Thanks for being by my side. 

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry 


Some gifts for you …


Happy holidays!

I see you. I see your generous heart and your loving spirit.

Thank you for who you are.

In appreciation, here are some gifts from me to you:

  • I send you peace, love, and ease.
  • I send you a long nap in the middle of the day, your cats snuggled beside you.
  • I send you Grandma’s quilt wrapped around you as you read a great book.
  • I send you laughter with your best friend as you sip cinnamon tea.
  • I send you the memory of your childhood and the sound of your mother’s voice late at night.
  • I send you a kiss on the forehead.
  • I send you a deep sigh of letting go.
  • I send you a heart that can hold your grief just as confidently as it holds your joy.
  • I send you the surprise of colored lights as you turn a corner where you thought it was pitch dark.
  • I send you striped candy canes and the smell of pine.
  • I send you a pillow scented with lilac.
  • I send you deep sleep.
  • I send you a sky full of twinkling stars who hold your secret dreams.
  • I send you oceans of release.
  • I send you long meals with people you love.
  • I send you clove scented candles and flickering flames.
  • I send you a hot bath with eucalyptus bubbles.
  • I send you a space of time to sit and gently watch the sun set.
  • I send you the giggles of children.
  • I send you your own heart’s squeal of delight.
  • I send you buttered toast on a quiet morning before the sun rises.
  • I send you the sound of snow crunching under your feet.
  • I send you the smell of a newborn’s sweet cheeks.
  • I send you a box filled with hope.
  • I send you one more breath, one more moment.
  • I send you here, now, all okay.
  • I send you the deepest love for who you are and for your sweet heart.
  • I send you peace.

No matter what you celebrate, may it be cozy and full of love. 

Seek celebration—even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry

{Uplift Gifts} Twice the Fun


If you listened to Sunday’s Audio LoveGram, you heard that I was celebrating receiving the trademark for the phrase, Love List. (Wheee!)

For those of you who are new, a Love List is simply a list of specific reasons why we love someone. It shows that person the impact they’ve had on our lives and why they matter.

In that audio, I told you that creating Love Lists is a practice of learning how to focus on love and how to train our brains to look for the positive in people. Love Lists have helped me with anxiety and depression. They are meditative. And, they obviously make great gifts to give.

But there’s one other thing they can be: an uplifting and connecting activity to do with someone!

The idea is to sit down with a friend and create a back-n-forth Love List for a mutual friend. It gives the Love List added energy and gives you extra motivation to create this gift.

I know this, because my friend Tricia and I created a Love List together while we were on retreat in Lake Tahoe recently. Her boyfriend owned the place we stayed in and I wanted a special way to let him know how much that meant to us to stay there.

So, I invited Tricia to create the Love List with me.

Click here to listen to the two-minute audio Tricia and I created for you while we were making this Love List together.

You can hear how happy we sound. And how surprised we both were at the impact on us.

We were also giddy with joy at the thought of hiding the Love List for her boyfriend to find next time he visited his place in Tahoe. Haha. We put it with his hiking and ski gear in a locked cupboard. (See photo up above!)

I want you to try this yourself because this is not only a beautiful gift to give, it will deepen your connection to your friend. That’s what happened for me and Trish!

Will you give it a try?

Let me know!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. Don’t leave without listening to this two-minute audio Tricia and I created while making the Love List together. Give it a listen. I think it will inspire you and make you smile!


LoveGram: Tell them this today

Hello, my beautiful friend.

Today’s LoveGram was inspired by my friends Ali, Becky, and Carolyn. It was also the result of a dream I had last night about a conversation with my mentor, Brendon Burchard.

I hope you will listen to the audio. I hope you will do so while you are treating yourself to a walk outdoors or to a nap on a comfy couch.

I also hope you will follow my encouragement from this audio. You know, not just listen, but put your love into action.

We are nearing a whole year since many of us first sheltered in place because of the pandemic. People are tired. People are lonely. People’s spirits need picked up.

Maybe you are experiencing this? Are you?

I know for me it takes extra boosts of self-love and self-encouragement to keep my energy high and to stay connected to what is most important to me.

Today’s LoveGram speaks to all of this. It is posted on this page.

Click the link above. Scroll down on that page. Play the recording. Close your eyes and relax.

Let your heart and intuition speak to you. 

They will. I promise. That’s what happens when we get quiet. 

Thanks for being by my side.

I’m here for you, too.

You make a difference to me. You matter to me. You support me. I hope I do the same for you.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

Gratitude with Attitude

When my friend, Tricia, and I went on a retreat together, I bought us both the most fun and simple gratitude journal!

It is called “Gratitude with Attitude” and was created by Ronnie Walter and published through our fellow publishing company, Mango Publishing.

I look forward to this journal every day because it is doodly and whimsical and there are great prompts.

I just wanted to share it with you because if you have a friend who is going through a hard time, or just a friend you want to celebrate life with, you could get a copy of this journal for each of you. You could be accountability buddies and text each other every day to share one thing you wrote.

How uplifting would that be?!

Even if you don’t use this journal — or any journal!— you can still set up a daily gratitude texting/email connection with a friend, right? Just text one line or a few words about something that made you smile. How fun would that be?!

I was fortunate enough to get to facilitate a conversation about gratitude with Ronnie and another Mango Author, Irene O’Garden, a couple months ago.

If you need to connect with joy, listen to this conversation about how to connect and have fun, even during the pandemic.

Here’s to turning ordinary days into an extraordinary life!

Seek Celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. I want you to know that I never, ever, ever recommend anything to you that I haven’t tried — and LOVED — myself. This journal is one of the best, easiest tools, I’ve found for adding more zest and uplift to my day. I love the simplicity and I color in it, too! The link to the book is an Amazon affiliate link. Of course you don’t have to use that link, but it helps support me to continue my work in the world. Please don’t purchase anything that doesn’t speak to YOUR Own heart and spirit. You know how much I love the quote from Ram Dass, “We are all just walking one another home.” When we share practices and tools that help us with others, it is like offering a hand to hold!