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{Uplift gifts} Some weekend LOVE in baskets or breakfasts!



If you celebrate Easter — or even if you don’t!— you can make this weekend even sweeter by adding eggstra love.

For this uplifting and joyful gift you just need a basket and some of those plastic, fillable eggs or an empty egg carton and some chocolate eggs.

Whichever you choose, you’re gonna fill it with a whole bunch of nondenominational sweetness and LOVE.

And, listen, my friend… if you live alone, I am challenging you to create this for yourself! See my P.S. below!


Make ’em a LOVE LIST basket or LOVE LIST carton!

What’s a Love List? You know how people tell all those great stories + appreciations at funerals? A Love List is a way to SAY IT NOW.

It is a brainstorm of all the reasons you love someone and what makes them unique. It’s what you appreciate. This list can be sweet, funny, sexy, or serious. It can include any number of loving attributes, characteristics, or memories about someone. It is a simple idea with a profound impact.


The LOVE LIST Basket:

Below are some step-by-step basket instructions to make it super simple — you can easily do this last-minute! (Scroll down past my signature for the step-by-step basket graphic!)


The LOVE LIST Carton:

Here’s what you do. Get some small plastic eggs that people put in Easter baskets. But instead, you are going to put yours in an empty egg carton! You’re still going to put the Love List strips inside. But this way, it isn’t Easter, it is just because!

How fun would it be to do this for someone you live with? You put the carton in the fridge and wait til they discover your surprise! (Just make sure you have some real eggs around in case they were super hungry for an omelette!)

Scroll down past the Easter graphic to see a photo of the egg carton LOVE LIST!


Remember, my friend, even if you don’t celebrate Easter, you can STILL use this weekend to express your love to someone in your life.

Why not, right?!

Everyone needs to know WHY they are loved and WHY they matter.

Try to add that in the mix as often as you can, okay?!

Not only will this uplift others and help them feel more appreciated, it will change YOUR life. You will feel a greater sense of vitality and joy. 

I promise. 


Making these kinds of “I see you” gifts for others has literally changed the shape of my life. My connections to people have deepened over the years.

I feel more positive because I am on the lookout for things to love about people.

It is a lifestyle that we can choose. 

I want this for you, too. 

Hope you will try this for someone you love.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. Live alone? I challenge you to make one of these LOVE LIST gifts for yourself. YEP! I mean it. You make think that sounds silly or pathetic … but what it really is, is loving, strong, capable, and incredibly important. If we would all spend just a little more time loving ourselves as much as we love others, the world would be kinder and gentler.  I want to receive an email from you after you create this for yourself, okay? Send me a photo and tell me a little story about how it felt to make and receive. It will truly be a big gift to ME!!!

P.P.S. There are LOTS more creative gift ideas like this in my book, “Say it Now!”






Don’t wait; Say it Now

It is my two-year book birthday for “Say it Now!” 🎉

More than ever, I am dedicated to the message of this book, which is that it is essential to express our love and appreciation to the people in our lives.

Please do not wait. Please do not think, “I’ll do it when they turn 50,” or “I’ll do it when I have more time to focus,” or “I’ll do it when I’m struck by some inspiration.”

The title for this book came from my own experiences of having attended countless funerals during which people would tell these amazing stories about the person who had died. They’d share photos and express their thankfulness for how that person had changed their life.

They would give so many beautiful and specific reasons why the person who had died was so beloved.

Inevitably, those friends/family would feel regret that they hadn’t shared all of that with the person before they’d died. And I would always think, “We should say it now.”

I’m imploring with you to take this message to heart. If anything, this pandemic has reminded us that we just don’t know what’s around the corner. We don’t know how long we have — or how long the people we love have.

Mother’s Day is just a few days away. What if you committed to giving a mom in your life a gift that goes way beyond chocolates and a store-bought card?

What if you chose to tell just ONE PERSON — your own mom, your grandmother, your step-mom, your mother-in-law, a friend who is a mom, someone who has been like a mom to you — WHY they have made a difference in your life.

My book is filled with creative ideas for doing just that. Most of the ideas don’t cost much (if any) money. Most of them are really simple. You don’t have to be clever or crafty to create them. But their impact is profound.

These are the types of gifts people keep and remember for the rest of their lives. Because these are gifts of connection.

I truly believe that what people want MOST in the world is to feel like our lives matter. We want to feel like we’ve made a difference — not because of our awards or accolades— but because of who we are to the people we love.

Will you commit to giving that to someone?

I’d be so grateful if you would buy my book + choose a special gift idea for this mom in your life. You’d be getting 33 meaningful creative gift ideas, which you can use over and over!

If you already have my book, would you consider buying a copy and giving it to a friend or putting it in a local Little Free Library?

I’d be deeply appreciative of your help in spreading the “Say it Now” message!

But, please don’t let that $12 get in your way of expressing your love! You can also download my free Love List ToolKit, which gives you everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind loving gift in just minutes.

The toolkit comes with printables, prompts and presentation tips. You can download it here. 

If even that feels like too much, please do this: think about one way that someone has touched your life. Call or text that person and TELL THEM.

“You are on my mind right now and I’m feeling so grateful for who you are and for your big heart. I’m remembering that time I had the flu and you talked to me on the phone for two hours, telling stories that made me laugh and forget how bad I felt. That is just one example of how amazing you are.”

Imagine how you would feel right now if you got a call or text like that? Wouldn’t it make your whole day?

Don’t wait. Life is fleeting; say it now. Okay? Promise?

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


💜  P.S. It’s super fun to create Love Lists with other people. I’m hosting an hour long Love List Party on Saturday morning at 8am PDT. I’ll be sharing prompts to make it EASY AS PIE! Stay tuned for Zoom details or email me + I’ll remind you!

💜 P.P.S. If you know someone with a big heart who enjoys appreciating others, would you gift them with my book, “Say it Now” so they can enjoy brand new ways to spread sunshine and goodness? I’d be so GRATEFUL for your help spreading this message. ??

💜 P.P.S. It’s fun to celebrate “birthdays” of things we’ve created, of our animals, and of ANYTHING. What kind of birthday could you create to add some extra celebration to your life?


LoveGram: Tell them this today

Hello, my beautiful friend.

Today’s LoveGram was inspired by my friends Ali, Becky, and Carolyn. It was also the result of a dream I had last night about a conversation with my mentor, Brendon Burchard.

I hope you will listen to the audio. I hope you will do so while you are treating yourself to a walk outdoors or to a nap on a comfy couch.

I also hope you will follow my encouragement from this audio. You know, not just listen, but put your love into action.

We are nearing a whole year since many of us first sheltered in place because of the pandemic. People are tired. People are lonely. People’s spirits need picked up.

Maybe you are experiencing this? Are you?

I know for me it takes extra boosts of self-love and self-encouragement to keep my energy high and to stay connected to what is most important to me.

Today’s LoveGram speaks to all of this. It is posted on this page.

Click the link above. Scroll down on that page. Play the recording. Close your eyes and relax.

Let your heart and intuition speak to you. 

They will. I promise. That’s what happens when we get quiet. 

Thanks for being by my side.

I’m here for you, too.

You make a difference to me. You matter to me. You support me. I hope I do the same for you.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

Gratitude with Attitude

When my friend, Tricia, and I went on a retreat together, I bought us both the most fun and simple gratitude journal!

It is called “Gratitude with Attitude” and was created by Ronnie Walter and published through our fellow publishing company, Mango Publishing.

I look forward to this journal every day because it is doodly and whimsical and there are great prompts.

I just wanted to share it with you because if you have a friend who is going through a hard time, or just a friend you want to celebrate life with, you could get a copy of this journal for each of you. You could be accountability buddies and text each other every day to share one thing you wrote.

How uplifting would that be?!

Even if you don’t use this journal — or any journal!— you can still set up a daily gratitude texting/email connection with a friend, right? Just text one line or a few words about something that made you smile. How fun would that be?!

I was fortunate enough to get to facilitate a conversation about gratitude with Ronnie and another Mango Author, Irene O’Garden, a couple months ago.

If you need to connect with joy, listen to this conversation about how to connect and have fun, even during the pandemic.

Here’s to turning ordinary days into an extraordinary life!

Seek Celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. I want you to know that I never, ever, ever recommend anything to you that I haven’t tried — and LOVED — myself. This journal is one of the best, easiest tools, I’ve found for adding more zest and uplift to my day. I love the simplicity and I color in it, too! The link to the book is an Amazon affiliate link. Of course you don’t have to use that link, but it helps support me to continue my work in the world. Please don’t purchase anything that doesn’t speak to YOUR Own heart and spirit. You know how much I love the quote from Ram Dass, “We are all just walking one another home.” When we share practices and tools that help us with others, it is like offering a hand to hold!