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For when you’re feeling frazzled.


I don’t know about you, but I am in shock that the craziness of the holidays has already kicked in. It feels like it was just Halloween. Where did November go?! Every year I re-dedicate myself to having a stress-free holiday season. I try as hard as I can to keep things as simple as po...

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Waking up with Monkey Mind


Today’s Simply Celebrate newsletter was all about waking up into anxiety and depression … and some tricks to keep Monkey Mind from pulling me into the pit. If you don’t subscribe, you can sign up here. The newsletter goes out every month. And is free, of cours...

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I read this contribution by Wes Haley in Leah Garchik’s Chronicle column recently: A Redding newspaper obit for an elderly woman advised, “In lieu of flowers or charity donations, please take a friend out for a piece of pie.”   ...

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I’m Meeeeeeelting.


Overwhelmed? Anxious? Trying to figure something out? Here is a very simple technique I learned last weekend while on retreat withCheri Huber. She called it, “Relaxing the Brain” and it takes literally just seconds to do. (Though you can do it over and over again to repeat the wond...

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When Life Gives You Lemons: The Real Deal


The other day a very kind man was helping Tricia and me make some major changes to the Simply Celebrate website. Techno babble server changes whatnot. This kind man stumbled into some unforeseen problems and the upshot was that for a day the website and all its lovely accoutrements &mdas...

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On a bad day.


Thinking about how when my friend Greggie and I were depressed or angry, we’d get in the car, drive for miles on the freeway, and yell at the top of our lungs: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”   ...

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Monday morning blues.


Anyone else ever wake up after a long, fun-filled weekend and feel a sense of dread? It’s Monday morning after Memorial Day Weekend and I awoke feeling so heavy and uninspired. The bizarre thing is, I love the work I do. I have a great life. There is nothing at all “bad” going...

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Monday Blues (redux!)

Tom Dugan, thanks for pointing it out: it’s not Monday! It’s Tuesday. All is new....

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Yesterday I wrote an email to a colleague and I mentioned to her that I was feeling cranky. Or maybe it was grumpy. Or crabby. One of those words that sounds like it could be one of the Seven Dwarfs — the one deliberately kicking Happy in front of him as they march and sing in time. When...

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