I’ve been greatly missing my mom. Usually in the summer, my West Coast clan would all travel to Ohio to spend a couple weeks hanging out — bonfires and water balloon fights and homemade ice-cream and card games and such.

It’s one of my favorite times — like camp!

One of things I love to do is sit on the porch with my mom and have our coffee. She always says, “sit outside and nature will put on a show for you.” So we go out, barefoot, and watch the birds and squirrels.

I can’t be there with her right now. But I was thinking of her while having my coffee and sitting on my own little studio porch yesterday. So on a whim, I sent her a couple pounds of coffee + a note saying I was sitting with her on the porch, in spirit.

Amazon just sent me this delivery notice. It made me teary! (See photo!)

That’s the porch we’d be sitting on together. It was a gift in itself that they took that photo and sent it. It isn’t the same as being there, but sending the coffee + getting this lovely photo via the delivery makes me feel so connected to her.

UPDATE:Check out this really funny message my mom just sent me after she read my post: “Let me know the next time you send something Amazon, and I’ll run out on the porch and get in the photo with the package.” (Haha. I wonder if anyone has ever done that?!)