I’m sending Friday hugs your way. No matter whether you are up or down or anywhere in between, know that you are loved. 

Know that I am on your side and here to support you in finding the next pinprick of light!

Last week I sent you a simple gift idea called “Sound it Out.” I invited you to create a voice note for someone while you were walking somewhere that had special memories for you both. 

Today, I was listening to some nostalgic music — Sinéad O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2U.”  (RIP ❤️ ). When I was listening, it reminded me of some dear friends from the 1990’s. 

I shared a snippet of that song with someone last night and it was so connecting for us. “Remember when …” 

It is a sweetness for our souls to hear music that was important to us in our friendships! 

That remembering and sharing reminded me of another UPLIFT gift that has to do with sound — The Musical Memory Lane. 

I’ve offered this idea to you before, but if you are like me, sometimes the fun ideas get lost over the years and over time. 

So, I want to share it with you again! 


The Musical Memory Lane is a collection of songs that you play for someone that remind you of them. You can share little snippets of memory in between the songs! This is all done via your handy dandy voice memo app on your phone or any other MP3 recording device. 

You could even share a little Sinéad O’Connor, Tony Bennett, or Tina Turner memories, since all three of these beautiful singers have recently passed away. 


Here’s a link to an article that tells you all about it. This article gives some background info plus the how-to, step by step. 

Also, to make it easy for you, I made you an infographic in case you prefer visuals to text! It is in this email, right below my signature. (Just scroll down a wee bit!) 

If you create one of these Musical Memory Lane gifts for someone, will you let me know? I would love to hear! 

Thank you for your kind heart and your generosity in how you love the people in your life … YOU MATTER! 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry