Hello my friend!

Earlier this week, I was listening to an audio by my mentor, Brendon Burchard on the topic of “no regret.”

Something he said really jumped out at me: “Don’t just think about who you are — express it!”

This quote reminded me of the rather famous book by Bronnie Ware, “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.” Bronnie was a hospice nurse and she wrote about the poignant and powerful things that her patients most regretted.

The first one she writes about is: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Please pause for moment and think about this for yourself.


Due to a lot of cultural conditioning, sometimes we are more concerned with fitting in or belonging than we are in being true to who we really are.

I sure know this place.

As a young person, I experienced that longing to belong to such a degree that at some point it felt like I had lost myself. As the years passed and I entered my late twenties, I grew deeply depressed — though on the outside I remained bubbly and fun because that’s who I thought people wanted me to be.

Looking back, I see that it was repression of my authentic self that was causing the depression. I call that person “Cardboard Sherry,” because she feels so flat, so uninspired.

She was afraid that she wouldn’t be loved. She so desperately wanted love that she gave up her own desires, opinions, and beliefs in order to fit in, thinking that would get her love.

Thankfully, I was led to meditation and creativity. As I began an intentional path of presence and true creative expression — connecting to writing, art, dance, quirky events, and unconventional living — the depression lifted.

I was buoyed by living my life.


I’ll be 58 this year and I feel more alive and more myself than ever before. This past weekend, I donned a pink bobbed wig, green crinoline, fingerless gloves, and bubblegum-colored combat boots to attend the Edwardian Ball with my beau. 

(Note: in case you missed my Sunday LoveGram, it was all about using joy to fuel us in these times of heartbreak and grief.)

Dancing in the historic ballroom filled with colorful and creative Edward Gorey-esque characters — San Franciscans and kindred spirits from all over — I felt as if I’d fully come home to myself.


I’ve realized over the years that the true sense of belonging comes not from pretending to be like others, but from being 100% myself.

It comes from belonging to my own heart and belonging in my own life. It comes from belonging with others who are committed to the living their best, most authentic life.

And you know what? That’s what I appreciate so much about you.

We are a community of people who are chipping away at regret and taking steps toward living fully expressed.


There is so much heartache in the world right now, I encourage you to find a slice of time to connect with whatever kind of novelty or play YOU love.

What brings you to life? You deserve it and I promise you, it will energize you and lift your spirit. 

In my coaching group this week, we went around the circle and shared moments that we felt most alive.

It was extraordinarily uplifting to hear each person’s story.

I would love to hear yours. If you want, please email me a photo that shows YOU living your best self out loud. Tell me a sentence or two about it.

I promise you, sharing it will lift you up. And I know, it will elevate my spirits, too. When we are fully alive and when we share those stories of feeling fully alive, it is palpable joy.

Your vitality is a gift for everyone. 



I can’t wait to share in your joy of being alive.

Celebration is waiting for us. 

I love you and am cheering you on, always.

Thanks for who you are.

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry