It’s the end of the week and I know there have been so many heartbreaking things happening in the world.

You may be dealing with personal grief, illness, or sadness. You may be feeling helpless for the people of Ukraine. You may be scared about climate change.

You may be afraid and uncertain and unsure about so many other things in life. 

I know. I feel it, too. 

I just want you to know that YOU ARE  NOT ALONE. 

I just scrolled through all of the names every one of you who are in this Simply Celebrate community.

I wanted see you. I wanted to hold you in my heart. I wanted to send you some love.


If you listened to my audio LoveGram from last Sunday, you’ll remember that listing people we care about or everyone we’ve ever met, is a way to align our hearts with thankfulness.

Today, I wanted to count you among my blessings and to send you love as I saw your name. 

It really helped me to connect to you and to feel that abundance of love.


I’ve been saying this like a broken record, because I know this is true: we must not let ourselves be flattened and overwhelmed by grief and fear. We have to find ways to take care of ourselves and to hold our center.

It’s imperative that we find our way to simple joys, to loving people in our life, to being grateful for what we have, so that we can fuel ourselves to ask the big question to the world, “How can I help?” 

If you need some uplift or energy, I encourage you to find someone or something to love.

Or, you can close your eyes right now and imagine me giving you a great big hug and saying softly, “it’s okay, it’s okay.”

I love you and am cheering you on, always.

Thanks for who you are.

You can stay steady here on earth, feeling all of the 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows.

You can hold it all. 

You are strong. 

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry