I am thinking of you and sending love.

I am sending white doves of peace.

I am sending children laughing and unafraid.

I am sending safe skies and restful sleep for all the world.


When I was in fourth grade, we sang a song in chorus. All I remember is the phrase, “Let peace begin with me.”

When I was thinking about writing to you today, that line jumped out ahead of all other thoughts and stood in front of me, until I wrote about it first.

I think I know why.

Right now, there are terrible, horrific, unimaginable things happening to people. Many of us are heartbroken by photos of bombings and fires in Ukraine. We see families being separated and elderly people walking miles to safety. We see toddlers with cancer being evacuated from hospital wards.

Or, our heartbreak might be closer to home. It might be our own mother’s struggle with a debilitating disease. It might be a neighbor’s grief or a school teacher’s overwhelm and exhaustion. We, ourselves, might be feeling helpless and alone.

No matter what is contributing to our helplessness, I think it is necessary to remember that “peace begins with me.”

It’s why that line of that song was so insistent to elbow its way onto the page today.


You’ll hear this theme in my audio LoveGram today.

While you are listing to today’s LoveGram, please take some deep breaths.

Can you feel me with you, in spirit, as you hear my voice?

Can you know that you are not alone?

(To listen to the audio, just click over to this page, scroll down, and hit “play” on the audio player.)


When you start to fall into that feeling of helplessness in the face of horrors, this is just a little encouragement to do something tangible that brings some love and light into the world.

Small actions help us to feel like a participant.

If we are just sitting around feeling overwhelmed, that doesn’t help the world much. We have to be love and light in the world. We have to be in action with our love. This is the first step.


How do we stay in that place of looking for positive ways to live in the world, even when the world is filled with such horrors and hardships?

We can ask: 

How can I feel that I am contributing to the good of the world, to the peace of the world, even if it feels like a drop in the ocean?

What is the right action for me?

* Is it donating to an Etsy shop run by Ukrainian sellers?

* Is it giving to Doctors without Borders or another worldwide charity?

* Is it meditating for peace with Sherry and her friends on Tuesday night at 7pm PT? (I tell you about this in the LoveGram.)

* Is it taking a single meal to someone on the block who is ill?

* Is it organizing a food drive for the homeless or hungry in town?

* Is it volunteering in the local elementary school?



My friend, I see your generous heart.

I see the love you have ready to give in so many ways.

Now is the time to take any step that feels right to give your light, your time, your money, your support, your heart.

Don’t hold back. Be generous with yourself, your loved ones, and the beautiful strangers of the world.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. The book I mentioned is “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl.

P.P.S. Here is one Ukrainian Etsy Shop where you can download art for $10 or more. There are many others to choose from. Search on “Ukrainian Sellers.”

P.P.S. On Wednesday, The Mango Publishing Heart Wisdom Panel I facilitate is focused on “Manifesting Peace.” To register, email Brianna at brianna@mangopublishinggroup.com. (It is free to come! Bri will send the Zoom link to you.)