I hope your week has been going well. I’m thinking of you and sending you warm greetings. Imagine that you can see me and I’ve got a big smile on my face as I wave to you. Imagine that I am squealing with happiness as I say your name.

Have you ever thought about what a gift it is to greet someone — on the phone, on a video call, or in person— with enthusiasm and joy? 

My most recent article in the wonderful website, Kind Over Matter, is all about the gift of a loving HELLO!

Click here to read this essay and find out five easy steps for a memorable you-had-me-at-hello greeting for someone. 

Listen, I know you think this sounds simple.

It IS!

But we all know that sometimes it is the smallest things in life that bring the greatest pleasure. 

Commit to giving this gift to people in your life. (Yep, it is a gift!)

Most of the best gifts in life are the energy and attention we intentionally and freely offer.

Will you give it a try?

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. For those of you who have followed along with my Sunday LoveGrams, you know that my son has moved out to attend college. I wrote this Hello article before he moved out. At the time, I certainly knew (and felt) the importance of his enthusiastic hellos, but I had no idea how much more important that memory would become for me. He’s no longer here every day to greet me in the way I talk about in the article. However, before he moved out, he made me a video of him saying “Hello Mom! Welcome to the house,” with his bright smile and laughter. The gift he gave me lives on in my heart.