Hello, friend.

It’s Father’s Day here in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

I’m sending big hugs to everyone who is a dad or who is celebrating their dads or the dads of your children.

I’m sending love to everyone whose fathers have passed away or whose children have passed away. I’m sending love to anyone who wanted to be a dad, but wasn’t able to have children. Or to those folks who are distant or estranged from their dads.

I’m sending love to all the fathers-in-law and father figures.

I’m sending love to you, whoever you are and however you are feeling on this Sunday in June. I’m sending you the strength, support, and hearty laughter that we all could use from a father figure.

I’m sending you fortitude for places in your life where you need it most.

I’m sending you a colorful butterfly, flitting by. (Or, as some little kids say, a “flutterby!”)

Welcome to your Sunday LoveGram. May my words today offer you a few minutes of connection + uplift.

Usually on Sundays, I create an audio for you. But today I want to link to a video LoveGram message, instead. 

This isn’t a brand new video. It is one I created previously, but when I stumbled upon it today, it all felt brand new. It is exactly the message I would have recorded today!

I hope you will listen to this ten-minute message about Father’s Day and about some alternative ways to think about this Hallmark holiday — especially in regards to reaching out to people who need some extra love on this holiday.

Take a moment, please, to consider someone in your life who may need extra connection today.

Is there someone in your life whose dad has recently passed away? Maybe someone whose dad passed away long ago, but you know how much they still miss him? How about a divorced dad or a widower who might be raising young children on his own? Perhaps you know a dad whose child has passed away? Maybe you know someone who desperately wanted to be a father, but was never able to have children?

Reach out. 

It doesn’t have to be a big deal. You can simply let them know, “I am thinking about you and sending extra love today.” 

And if YOU are the one who needs extra love, be sure to let someone know, okay?

Don’t forget, as Ram Dass said, “We are all just walking each other home.”

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,




P.S. If you need a sentimental, sweet, simple, or upbeat last minute gift, this one could fit any of the bills! It is my favorite gift this season: The Musical Memory Lane. Here’s a colorful infographic I created for Pinterest that gives step-by-step instructions. Or you can read more here in my blog.