Don’t you just love the smile on Birgit’s face in that photo up above? She radiates joy!

Birgit Penzenstadler is a beautiful person in our community whom I’ve gotten to know over the years. She always takes my “say it now” or “celebrate now” suggestions and immediately puts them into action.

Birgit brings me so much delight by letting me know how she’s expressing appreciation to people in her life and also how she’s living joy out loud.

Birgit is dedicated to love, joy, connection, and bliss.

That’s why today I’m raising a glass to her and recognizing her as my very first Celebration Superstar, a monthly recognition for people who embody the spirit of Simply Celebrate and Say it Now.

If you scroll down (below my signature) you’ll see a couple photos of the many, many that Birgit has emailed me over the years. I don’t know how many Love Lists she has made, but I bet they are impossible to count! Birgit also hosted a Love List party for her friends when my book, “Say it Now,” was first published.

(If you are new to my world, a Love List is simply a brainstorm list of specific reasons why we love someone and what makes them unique. It’s what you appreciate about them. This list can be sweet, funny, sexy, or serious. It can include any number of loving attributes, characteristics, or memories about someone. It is a simple idea with a profound impact.)

As well, Birgit was one of the 200+ of you who took time to send my mom a card for her 80th birthday gift of a “Greeting Card Bonanza.”

Birgit also responds to my many email questions, such as, “Will you take time to stop today and notice something beautiful?” I remember that one because she sent me a photo from her afternoon walk in the sun when she paused to bask in the beauty of nature and saw a lovely, unique bird!

Two more things I’m celebrating about Birgit: 

——She’s someone who truly takes the “Say it Now” message to heart. I know this, because I frequently receive emails from her that might just be a line or two, but they express gratitude and they tell me why my work matters. You can imagine what a big gift this support is. Sometimes, just when I’m wondering, “Does this even matter? Am I making a difference?” then boom — I will receive a happy/grateful note from Birgit.

——Birgit is creating a body of work devoted to helping others feel more aligned with who they really are and to experience more bliss and flow in life. She’s using her creative and coaching talents to create even more light and love. And boy oh boy, does the world need that, right?

I’m fortunate and honored that Birgit has chosen to include me in her current offering, The Bliss Project. Birgit is hosting a live workshop followed by ten interviews about bliss and aligning with purpose. (I get to speak about my favorite topics — appreciation, joy, love, and creativity!)

The Bliss Project runs from June 21-27. And not only is the event free for everyone to attend — thank you, Birgit!— but also, when you register, you are given the opportunity to sign up for a 30-minute Clarity Call with Birgit. That call is also absolutely free. 

I wanted to experience the call for myself, so this past week I signed up and had my Clarity Call. I had been feeling terribly confused and tangled up about something in my business, so I chose that to talk about.

Birgit, in her gentle and compassionate way, helped me to do exactly what she promises — align with my purpose and get in the flow. By the end of the call, I had made an important decision that would untangle me. And I outlined the next three steps.

This was so liberating for me! I’d been snarled and stuck for several weeks. Birgit offered me that gift of time and conversation and it made a huge difference.

Birgit’s Bliss Project is starting soon. Here’s where you can find out more. When you register, you’ll see her offer for the free Clarity Call like the one I experienced.

When you have your call with Birgit, be sure to CONGRATULATE her for being my very first Celebration Superstar!

Have a wonderful day. Be sure to look for (or create) moments of bliss for yourself or others. And after you watch the interview with Birgit and me in her Bliss Project, please let me know what your biggest takeaways were. I sure would love to hear — it means so much to me.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry



Birgit’s Creative Love Lists!