Hello, my beautiful friend.

Today, I send you the feeling of renewal and rebirth, like buds blossoming on the cherry blossom tree.

I send you the sound of that sweet chirp-chirp-chirp outside my window as I meditate.

I send you the freshness of the air and the warmth of the sun on your face.

I send you the smell of morning coffee brewing or that rooibos tea in your favorite handmade mug.

Today, I send you the faith I have in a new dawn, a new day, blank chapters, self-forgiveness, starting agains.

As countless people across the world are getting vaccinated, we are beginning the process of looking forward.

Even if we’re/you’re not there quite yet, I want you to imagine that you can feel a new blossoming of your life. 

Close your eyes (after you read this paragraph), take a deep breath, and allow an image of a beautiful flower to come to your mind. (I love cherry blossoms, so I am imagining one!) As you focus on that flower, let yourself feel as if you ARE that flower.

Yes, you are that fresh. Yes, you are that new. Yes, you are that beautiful. Yes, you are that possible. Yes, you are that expression of life at its best. 

You ARE.

Can you let yourself feel a new beginning?

Can you forgive yourself for any ways that you have let yourself down?

Can you allow today to be a day when you focus on possibility and growth?

Typically on Sundays, I send you a link to an audio LoveGram, which I’ve made for you.

Today, I am turning the tables.

I am encouraging you to create an audio LoveGram for yourself.

Please don’t stop reading and think this is too hard. It isn’t.

I promise you, that if you take just five minutes to do this, you will feel a spark of something unexpected. You will feel a new flower take root in your life! 


Simple steps to create your own personal audio LoveGram:

  • Find something to record on: the Voice Memo app on your phone, another app that you download, an MP3 player, Vocaroo.com free recorder, etc.
  • If you want to play a favorite upbeat or inspiring song for yourself, have that chosen and cued up. (This will add some extra love and delight!)
  • Hit “record.”
  • Tell yourself about the flower you imagined and how you are that flower. Remind yourself that this is a new day and a new start. Encourage yourself to follow things that make you happy and feel alive. Tell yourself a story of a time you overcame hardship. Read yourself a poem. Do what I usually do and simply start talking and seeing where it goes.
  • Remember there is always a delete button and you can start again!
  • Celebrate yourself for trying this practice. It doesn’t matter how “successful” you think it was. What matters is that you stepped in and tried something new. Please, never underestimate that!


You are awesome. You are amazing. Start treating yourself that way.  

Never forget: you matter. 

A lot. 

It is your time to blossom anew! 

Listen to the LoveGram you created for yourself and remind yourself frequently of this!

I’ll be back with an audio next week!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


💌 P.S. I love to hear from you! Please email me and if you are brave, send me your audio LoveGram so I can be inspired by you!