Monthly Blog Archives: October 2020

LoveGram: Make the Morning Shift


Good morning, friend. I send you love and ease on a quiet Sunday morning. Here's your link to today's LoveGram.  I woke up this morning feeling dread. Everything in my body felt heavy. I couldn't think of anything I was looking forward to.  And then I remembere...

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LoveGram: Tiny Joyful Connections


Hello friend.  I send you good thoughts on a quiet Sunday morning. Here's your link to today's LoveGram.  Today, we're continuing our conversation about tiny slices of delight.  After I sent you the video earlier this week, my friend Greggie...

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Sunday LoveGram: Small Delights


Today, we're talking about tiny moments that feel extraordinary. How essential they are, especially during difficult times.   Last weekend my clan decided to get out of the house and have a socially-distanced outdoor night picnic at Lake Merritt in Oakland.  I brought ...

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Do you know someone who needs a boost of love?


Hi Delightful You,It's that time of year again! My 56-56-56 Birthday Kindness Project is underway. Every year for the past eight years, I have been sending letters of love and kindness to strangers as a way of celebrating my birthday. The first year I did this, I wrote as ma...

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