Hello friend. 

I send you good thoughts on a quiet Sunday morning. Here’s your link to today’s LoveGram

Today, we’re continuing our conversation about tiny slices of delight. 

After I sent you the video earlier this week, my friend Greggie wrote to tell me that his kitty mask always makes him smile, too. (There are three of these kitty masks in the world, as far as I know, because I bought the fabric on Ebay and my son’s dad sewed ’em! That’s me wearing mine, up above.) 

In today’s audio, I talk about these small and sometimes silly connections to people in our lives. How they have a big impact. How they really matter.

I hope you’ll listen to the audio LoveGram. And then consider these questions:

What drops in for you about something you could send someone — like the kitty mask I sent to my friend, Greggie — something that reminds them of your connection?   

How simple can you make it, while making it incredibly meaningful?

We’re all just walking each other home. And along the way, we can surprise one another with tiny slices of delight.  

We need it. 

We need more joy. 

Thanks for being by my side. I’m here for you, too. We’ll keep getting through this — together. 

Seek celebration— even in dark corners,

xo Sherry