This week, let’s give some focus to women who need a boost of love because of Mother’s Day.
Maybe it is overwhelmed moms who are home-schooling. Maybe it is moms who miss their children. Or  moms who are grieving. Maybe it is women who wanted children, but couldn’t have them. Maybe it is single moms who wish someone would celebrate them. Maybe it is non-moms who have treated you like a mom.
There are lots of people who need extra love this week.
And that might include YOU.

Listen to an audio LoveGram about this topic here.

Attend a call Tuesday, May 5th from 5pm PDT to 6pm PDT during which I will walk you through making a loving gift for a mom in your life. This process is connecting, warm, and uplifting for YOU — and a gift for someone you dearly love.

Don’t forget, we are all in this challenging time together.

We will get through it together.

We will live and love better than ever on the other side of this crisis.

I promise.

xo Sherry

P.S. Don’t forget:  free coaching support call on Tuesday at 5pm PDT. Call-in here. We will be creating a gift of love for a mother or mother-figure in your life who needs a boost of love. That person might be you. Join us!