Last month my friend Staci hopped on a Facebook live with me and shared a wonderful idea for bringing more connection and appreciation into a relationship in your life.

Staci called this a “Frolic,” and I absolutely loved the simplicity of this love-in-action idea.

Like me, Staci is very interested in creating moments that matter for the people in our life. She’s also very fond of playfulness and joy.

Staci says, “If we aren’t intentional about creating special moments with people we love, we’re left with waiting for them to fall into our laps, which unfortunately doesn’t happen very often. But we do have the power to create them!” 

In our short video, Staci shares everything you need to know about this one idea.

I’m going to give you just the tiniest of spoiler alerts for what this specific frolic is like. It is something you and your loved one (spouse, child, sister, friend) can do right at home and it doesn’t cost any money. It is a unique way to express your love and to let this person know some specific reasons why they make a difference in your life.

This idea will take less than an hour and I promise you, it will be fun and not cost any money.

How’s that sound?

Click here to watch a replay of our Facebook live video that I posted on YouTube so anyone can view it. 






I want to share a little more with you about Staci and her husband Tom. Staci and Tom reached out to me last year after they read an article I published in the New York Times. I instantly LOVED both of them. They were so alive, present, and curious. (That’s them in that sweet photo up above!)

We felt like we’d been friends forever. You know that feeling when you first meet someone? It is such a gift!

This is Staci’s official “bio,” which normally I would re-write. But I love everything she said and how she said it:

Staci Bartley is an international relationship expert and mediator. She comes from a generation of messy, hard, and treacherous relationships. She’s versed in old paradigm agreements, unrealistic expectations, and shame for not being able to create long lasting relationships… Essentially she truly understands “failing” at love.

After 30+ years, and lots of learning and adventures, Staci was brought to the realization that there is no such thing as failing at relationships, because each and every one you’ve been in, or will ever be in contributes to who you are, and who you are becoming.

Together with her husband, Tom, they co-created a platform called Lease On Love that they use to teach the first steps in discovering and creating what they call “toe tingling love.” These are the tips and tricks Tom and Staci have honed as a result of coaching hundreds of private clients will help you begin to learn the skills that are necessary to build partnerships that are truly alive with love, intimacy, and a constant feeling of being “newlyweds.”

Staci has created a training that includes her five-step strategy for reigniting connection with people we love. I asked her if I could share with you and she said yes. (Yay! 

Check out this really helpful free video training about romantic relationships and how to love better!

I hope you enjoy the Frolic and also Staci’s free training. I love to share amazing people with you and I hope you will watch one — or both!— videos.

Here’s to creating magical moments and long-lasting love with the people who mean the most to us!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,