Recently, I saw someone pose this oh-so-general and BIG question: “What the best way to be happy?”

Well, holy cow. There are a gazillion different responses, right?

I want to share with you just one of my own responses. And I’d love to hear what you think about this one.

I’d also love to hear YOUR response!

🌻 How to be happy?

Here’s my favorite way to make myself happy: I call it my “Livin’ The Dream” Practice. And what this means is that I focus my attention every day on all of the ways that I am living my dream life — NOW.

I wrote a whole article about this for the Huffington Post a few years back. You can read it by clicking that link. Or, you can read the condensed version … below!

When I first started this practice, I was frustrated because I wanted to be a published author, but I wasn’t. Instead of focusing on the disappointment of being 53 years old and not being published, I started living the life of an author. I asked myself, “what would this author blog about or create videos about to sell her book?” I asked, “what would this author wear to lunch with her friends?” “When would she write her book?”

Instead of spending my days NOT being an author, I started living my days as a very happy author.

{Hint: I didn’t have to be published to live that life as an author!}

I did the same kind of thing with relationships and health. I imagined what I wanted in my life and then found ways to start living those things.

My boyfriend and I want to travel to Europe together. Instead of lamenting that we don’t have the money for such a trip, we made a piggy bank, complete with a little gondolier’s hat and striped scarf, and we started putting five dollar bills in it. Instead of complaining that we are not able to go to Italy, we are planning the trip! So what if it takes us years to save up! We are living the life we want now in our hearts and spirits.

Here’s another huge aspect of this practice: I started a secret Pinterest board called “Livin’ the Dream.” I take screen shots of everything that supports my best, most happy life. Things that are happening right now.

I put sweet notes from family, close friends, or YOU, my community! I put successes. I put happy photos with my son and mom. When I actually did publish a book, I included photos from the launch party or when it became a #1 New Release on Amazon.

I seek evidence everywhere that the Universe is providing me with an amazing, happy life. 

Instead of being unhappy about the things that I don’t have or that are missing from my life, I am looking for them everywhere — even if sometimes it is just the smallest seed of that experience or thing.

I focus on what is. And “what is” is a very happy place to be!

Your turn. What do you think is the answer to “how to be happy?”

Email me and let me know!! 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,
xo Sherry