My book, “Say it Now: 33 Creative Ways to Say I Love You to the Most Important People in Your Life” launched this week.

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have purchased the book, sent happy well wishes, and attended the Launch Day Party on Tuesday when we made Love Lists together.

Please know how very much your joy, support, enthusiasm, and love mean to me. 

I know that a lot of you purchased the book way before it was published. You are my fairy godmothers (and godfathers!). I truly feel like you blessed the book with your belief in me and your enthusiasm for spreading the word in the world about how to LOVE BETTER!!!!


The photo to the left was taken on launch day with my mentor and boss, Brendon Burchard. You’ve likely heard me talk about Brendon and his impact on my life (many times before!) if you’ve been following along for a while.

I’ve been trained and certified by Brendon as a High Performance Coach. This training, as well as my many years of studying with Brendon and working on his team, have contributed greatly to everything I have created in my life.

I mean that. It’s true.

In Brendon’s world, the definition of high performance is living your best life. It’s having work and relationships you love, a healthy body, financial stability, deep spirituality, and an ongoing feeling of joy and enthusiasm about your life. 

There is a huge emphasis on the joy part! (Hence, Brendon’s tagline, “Bring the Joy,” which is the logo on my tee-shirt in the photo!)

This is what I want for all of us. 

I want us to live lives that feel connected, joyful, spontaneous, colorful, and full of magic. 

No matter what the circumstances of our lives, this is possible.

I know it, personally.

Thirty years ago, I wanted off this planet. I was so full of anxiety and depression that I couldn’t imagine surviving life, much less thriving. If you don’t know my story, you can hear it in this short video. 

Because I know what life is like in the depths of the darkness, I know that it is possible to find the light. It just takes one single moment at a time. It takes believing in ourselves and trusting that we are truly good good people and that we deserve happiness and love.

It also takes a lot of love and support. Some of us are fortunate enough to have that already. And some of us also find it in new communities, spiritual leaders, friends, and coaches.


I am more committed than ever before in my life to give back everything I have been given by mentors like Brendon. And spiritual teachers, like my own guiding light, Cheri Huber, who has been a constant source of unconditional love, acceptance, and joy in my life from the very first meditation class I went to back in 1991.

I know without a doubt that I wouldn’t have been standing there with my book without so much love from so many people. And that includes YOU!!!

If you know that you something is calling to you for more love and joy in your life, I implore you not to wait. Reach out to anyone or anything at all that sparks for you. Listen to what calls from that still small voice. Watch what sparkles. Follow the breadcrumbs along the path!

Most importantly, trust that what calls to you is already in you. That’s the magic of it.

If I can support you anywhere along this path, I hope you will reach out to me.

Here are just a few of the ways that I am available to you:

Via my book, Say It Now! It isn’t just a book of creative ideas to try. It is also chock-full of my own stories of the path I traveled to get from deep depression to the breadth of celebration I feel. It is a book of inspiration and a guidebook to finding and creating pinpricks of light. It is a gift to you — and a gift to everyone in your life who deserves to know what makes them so completely lovable and unique!!!

Via one-on-one or group coaching. This year I am launching a couple different options for coaching. I’ll be weaving celebration into every step of your high performance life — healthy relationships, career, finances, hobbies all within the context of truly finding the joy. If you click the link in this paragraph, there is a video for you + also a questionnaire that I think you will love filling out. If you do, and you want to have a follow-up call; we can make that happen!

Via my creative gift giving group on Facebook. Join the ongoing discussion online about creative gifts. We share inspiration and in-the-moment ideas and stories. I’d love to have you there with us!

The title for my book came from an expression I have used for many years when it comes to funerals. You know all that love and appreciation people share when someone dies? My response has always been, “This is so beautiful, but can’t we please please say all of this right now when the people we love are here to hear it?”

There’s a second part to “Say it Now.” It is this: “Celebrate now.” Please don’t wait to celebrate who you are and everyone you love. Please don’t wait to have fun or bring magic or give gifts or offer love or make a happy gesture or offer a joke.

Please don’t wait to celebrate what a miracle it is that you are here, today, alive, breathing, in a circle of humans who can lift one another up and experience more of what life has to offer. 

I’m here for you.

And as you know, the secret of that is that you are also here for me. We all need one another. We all support one another. Every positive word, every gesture of kindness, every heartfelt gift ripples out in countless ways.

Sending love and joy your way.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,
xo Sherry