I just returned from two weeks visiting my mom and couldn’t wait to share this celebration/gift idea with you! You know how they always say, “Don’t try this at home, folks?”  Well, this is something to “do try!”

See that photo above? It is my mom, myself, and my niece Nikki. But look what we did! We switched our clothes and tried to stand like one another so we could really feel a sense of what it is to be that person.

It may not look like much. But let me tell you, doing this had us in giggles for hours. I don’t know exactly what it was about it, but it was super fun.

The experience itself was such a gift because it was something so out of the ordinary and such silly fun.

But … mwahahaha! Now, I can also make this into a tangible gift by printing up the triptych photo for my mom and niece as gifts they can treasure as keepsakes.

(Mom, I know you read these posts … so just try to forget you read that last sentence, so you will be surprised when I send you the photo gift!)

Do you think you’d be willing to try this with your own family? You could switch with a parent, child, spouse, or grandparent. You could also switch with your BFF! Heck, you can switch with the mailman if you want! (Er, if he/she agrees!)


I’ve come up with a few helpful hints ‘n tips for doing this. Ready?

  • First, decide how many people you want for your photo. Two would be the simplest. But play around and see what works best for you.
  • You’ll want to appoint someone to be your photographer/director who can get a really good shot for the original photo, where you’re wearing your own clothes. That person can then look at that original photo + help you replicate it once you’ve switched clothes.
  • After you take the original photo, put tape on the porch where your feet should go so you get the stance right from the bottom up.
  • Wear accessories so that you can easily switch them + they showcase someone’s personality. Glasses, jewelry, handbags, etc. (We wished we had done more of that; we didn’t think about it.)
  • If the people in the photo are different heights/weights, try wearing black pants so you don’t have to switch the pants. (We didn’t plan this, but it turned out we were all wearing black pants and that made it so much easier!)
  • Try to take a stance that feels most like you. Most like how you would typically stand in the world.
  • If you want a laughing shot, ask your photographer/director to help make you laugh. (Ian made goofy faces at us.)
  • Have fun! That’s the whole point, right?


Here’s to putting ourselves in others’ shoes — and lovin’ it ,



P.S. Please post in the comments if you try this, okay! I definitely want to hear. And pretty please email me a photo: sherry@simplycelebrate.net.

P.P.S. If you missed my email last week, I had some suggestions on fun surprises for people you love. And I shared a photo of my beau, Ian, on the roof of the house, mid-surprise! Experiences are gifts! Read here.