If you’re making an Easter Basket for someone in your life — be it a kid or a kid-at-heart— consider mixing in some love with the jellybeans!

I just wrote a short and simple how-to for Huffington Post on making a Love List Easter Basket. It would mean a lot to me if you would comment + share so Easter baskets all over the world will be filled with loving messages in addition to other kinds of sweets! (Their comment icon is to the top left of the article, under the social media buttons. It looks like a conversation bubble!)

If you email me and tell me that you left a comment or shared that Huff Post link on social media, I will send you a free Love List Ten Pak in appreciation. That’s ten professionally designed Love List templates you can print out, fill out, and give out to friends and family. They’re great when you need a last-minute gift!

Love better! Say it now.

May your day be filled with sweet things,

P.S. I have a life goal to inspire 1,000,000 Love Lists. Can you help me with this? By clicking over to my Huffington Post article and leaving some likes, comments, and shares, more people will add a Love List to their Easter gifts. The powers that be at HP watch for comments + shares and then they promote articles based on that. So your comments and shares could really help inspire more love in the world! Don’t forget to look for the social media buttons to the top left of the article. The comment bubble is right there.