One of the things on my 10-10 list this morn (10 things I'm grateful for; 10 things I'd like to invite in) was looking forward to seeing my mom next week.

She turns 75 this year and she's healthy as can be. (Knock wood!) She's also really fun and funny and likes to have dance parties where we dress up in silly hats and costumes. Sometimes we have theme dinners and dig up stuff in the house to make it fun. (In the attached photo we're dressed up for an impromptu show!).

She negotiates things with my son like "eat this one baby carrot and you can have three cookies." She's a whiz at crosswords and is kind to strangers she meets and is the person who taught me, "As long as you have a book to read, you'll never be lonely."

I just sent her a note to tell her how glad I am that I get to see her soon. If your mom is alive, how about sending her a card or give her a call today, just because.


Here's another pic of my mom: from a Mexican Fiesta night at her house. Isn't she great?! Seriously, call your mom today. Or if your mom is no longer around, call your favorite aunt or your sister.

Connect. Now. We all keep thinking we have forever. But what we have is NOW.