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Better than an iPad!


My friend Lisa sent me this handmade ornament and it tickles me to no end every time I look at it. Yep, that's us, oh-so-many years ago. She dolled us up with some party hats and a little pink pizzazz. (LOVE that word! Say it three times: pizzazz, pizzazz, pizzazz!) What I appreciate so ver...

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What if you gave memories instead of material stuff?


BIG thanks to those of you who played along on The New Black Friday and created Love Lists as gifts for people in your life. Wow-oh-wow, did I ever love reading your stories of making them! It is so important to me that we continue to redefine the way we look at gift giving. I want us to...

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Will you create a Love List today for The New Black Friday?


Will you join me today in creating at least one Love List for someone in your life? I promise you, this will be the highlight of your day! And you'll be giving a gift that is a highlight of someone's life. If you haven't yet downloaded my NEW professionally designed Love List templa...

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The New Black Friday: Showcasing Love Lists 2

This week and next week, I'm sharing with you some ideas of how to present Love Lists, a unique gift idea that a bunch of us started on The New Black Friday. Artist Jill Lambert is making a one-of-a-kind handpainted Love List book for her daughter, Isabelle. Each of the inside pages is painte...

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My wish for all of us.


I just got off a coaching call with an amazing client. He gleefuly exclaimed, "I am the person I always wanted to be. AND ... I can see that I always have been." How awesome is that? This is my wish for all of us: To be who we've always wanted to be and to see ourselves for wh...

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Birthday Gift Idea: What’s on the Menu?


A few years ago,  I experienced a wonderful birthday gift + want to share it with you. This is an idea you should steal! About a week before my birthday, my family gave me an envelope with a "Chinese menu" of celebration ideas for an entire day. I got to choose the where, whats, and whens o...

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Stories we tell ourselves …


"The stories we tell about ourselves, they're almost like our infrastructure, like railroads or highway. We can build them almost any way we want to, but once they're in place, this whole inner landscape grows up around them. So maybe the point here is that you should be careful ab...

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Will you help me celebrate my birthday?


It's my birthday today. And I need your help celebrating.  Some of you may remember that last year life dropped in the idea of Project Kindness: 48-48-48. I offered 48 acts of kindness in 48 hours to 48 people. It was absolutely THE best way to celebrate my birthday.  I...

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Cheesy Night o’ Delight


Wow. As some of you know, it has been a craaaazy few months for me. We moved out of our San Francisco flat at the end of May, were gypsies for nearly two months as we waited for escrow to close on our house, then moved in a little over a month ago. This has been a humungo "spiritual opportuni...

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Little tiny dahlia blog.


I love urban flower stands. Today when I was walking by one, I noticed this urge to own some of the orange dahlias. But then I remembered my goal of not spending as much money right now. So I felt a little deprived. But just seconds later, I really got it that I don't need to own the flow...

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