Will you join me today in creating at least one Love List for someone in your life? I promise you, this will be the highlight of your day! And you'll be giving a gift that is a highlight of someone's life.

If you haven't yet downloaded my NEW professionally designed Love List template, click here to get your free PDF.

All you do is print it out, fill it out, and give it out.

You can write that you love their unique laugh. You love the way they sound on the phone when they first answer. You love the memory of the time you drove to Vegas on a whim. You love their big heart. You love the quirky way they give you directions. You love having a mug o' coffee and sitting on the porch in the morning with them. You love their easy presence. You love the way they hum. You love their patience with dogs and children. You love that they are dedicated to their garden. You love their shoes. Everything and anything goes with a love list.

Help me celebrate The New Black Friday by giving imaginative gifts with impact!

P.S. Everyone who creates a Love List and writes to tell me about it will receive a free gift from me in appreciation. 🙂