On Monday I was tickled to be the featured audio interview and essay for a website called Inspire Me Today. We were asked to write a very short essay (500 words) on a very big topic (the one message we'd like to tell the world). The 40-minute audio interview is a conversation as a companion to the writing.

I sent out a note to my mailing list asking folks to please visit the website, read the short piece, and leave a comment. I have been so thrilled at the response. There is something so alive for me in being connected to people through my writing. I love hearing what gets sparked for someone and what related stories they have to tell.

To me, this is one of the big pieces of what life is all about: sharing what means the most to us with people we respect and care about.

Since many of my blog readers aren't on my mailing list, I wanted to send a note to you to invite you to share your thoughts, as well.

I would LOVE it if you had a couple minutes to click on over to Inspire Me Today, read the short essay, and then in the comments, let me know what ideas you have for being a "pinprick of light" for someone today. (And remember, that "someone" can be YOU!)

Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Write a thank you note for who someone is, not something they've done.
  • Buy someone a single, beautiful flower — just because.
  • Offer a genuine compliment to a stranger.
  • Let a driver merge into your lane.
  • Offer to let someone in line ahead of you.
  • Make a joke or offer an upbeat comment.
  • Assist someone by opening the door or carrying a load.

Sending out gratitude in advance for anyone who might have time to visit and comment. I just realized as I was writing this that every one of those comments is a huge pinprick of light for me. So if you want a quick way to make someone's day, click here! I'm smiling already.