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2013: Sending you a great big YES


I'm creating a "no-need-to-do" list that includes these things: *No need to make anything look perfect: Banish Norman Rockwell and bask in my own norm. * No need to stop taking care of myself during the holidays: the more I take care of this body, the more I have to give to ...

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A tiny petal of beauty in the rush of life. (Look out!)


Last October when life gave me the idea for my 48-48-48 Kindness Project, I got to meet a wonderful woman, Laura Shovan,  who requested an act of kindness for her daughter. I was happy to oblige. And then — surprise!— I received a "backatcha" act of kindness from Laur...

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Showcasing Love Lists 3: Guest Post by a Love List Maker


Last week I led a telephone workshop and my good friend, Suki, was on the line. During that call we spent a few minutes starting a Love List for someone in our lives. I asked people to share their experiences and Suki shared something that I thought would be helpful for all the Love List maker...

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The New Black Friday: Showcasing Love Lists


Oh! New Black Friday was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who participated by staying home part of the day and creating Love Lists as gifts for people in your life. Special thanks to those of you who emailed me stories and photos of your experiences. I don't have the words to tell you HOW...

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Let’s make it about love, not shopping.


Hi everyone, Wishing you all a beautiful and connected Thanksgiving. If you're traveling, be safe! Just a reminder of my invite to join me on The New Black Friday. We're gonna make Love Lists for people in our lives. Everyone who makes at least one Love List on Friday can email me to re...

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The NEW Black Friday: Make Love Lists Not Shopping Lists!


Have you heard the news that some stores are now opening on Thanksgiving evening in order to get a jump start on Black Friday shopping?! Enough is enough! So many people in our country are in debt and there is already so much stress associated with the holidays. It is time to turn this all...

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My 3 Fave Ways to Celebrate in under 10 Minutes …


1. Play dead I know this may feel counterintuitive, but the first way I practice joy is to remind myself every morning that I am going to die and everyone I love will die. When I consciously remember that my days are limited and that at any moment I could lose someone I love, I bring more atte...

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If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is!


Hi. I love this short bit of philosophy from Kurt Vonnegut. I try to pay attention and voice when life is good. But this is advice I would love to heed even more in life! How 'bout you? "And now I want to tell you about my late Uncle Alex. He was my father’s kid brother, a childl...

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Free tele-class tonight: Celebration as an Antidote to Scarcity, Fear, and Despair


I've been invited to lead a workshop as part of the Personal Transformation Summit. All the workshops are free and there will be no selling on the calls. I'd really love it if you could join me for this. My workshop, Celebration as an Antidote To Scarcity, Fear, and Despair, is som...

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What’s the best gift you ever got?


SIMPLY CELEBRATE NEWSLETTER OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2012   Remember my 48-48-48 birthday project earlier in the month? I committed to offering 48 acts of kindness for 48 people in 48 hours? Well, I got a wonderful email from Jennifer Devlin who was inspired by my project. I want to share her deli...

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