Oh! New Black Friday was so much fun!

Thank you to everyone who participated by staying home part of the day and creating Love Lists as gifts for people in your life. Special thanks to those of you who emailed me stories and photos of your experiences. I don't have the words to tell you HOW MUCH this means to me. Every story and every photo is truly a gift to me. (Insert musical interlude here to express my great joy!!!)

Over the next couple weeks I want to share some of the stories/ideas with you. Just because The New Black Friday is over doesn't mean we can't keep creating Love Lists! Maybe these stories will spark an idea for you. I hope so. They certainly inspire me.

The first story I wanted to share is of the Love List Tree that Amy Hinton Williamson created in New Jersey. I just LOVED that Amy took the Love List idea and turned it into an activity she could do with a class of girls. And that in turn, they could all share this inclusive art tree with anyone who wanted to participate.

Here's the story Amy sent me:

"I lead art and self-empowerment classes for girls in New Jersey, and this summer we created a Wish Tree in a local park. We decorated our tree with mail tags filled with wishes for our friends and family and invites the community to add their own wishes. During Hurricane Sandy three weeks ago most of the wishes were destroyed or blew away in the wind.

When I learned about Sherry's Love List idea I immediately knew we would begin a new tree: a Love List Tree. The girls in my class made beautiful love list tags for their loves ones and we hung them on our tree, along with an envelope filled with blank tags. The community is invited to turn Black Friday upside down and make a love list instead of a shopping list. They are invited to give the gift of love. Find the girls and their tree here, on the Brave Girls Art Blog."

Scroll down to enjoy more photos of the Love List Tree!!!

I'll be posting more Love List photos this week. 🙂















Photos copyright Amy Hinton Williamson and Brave Girls Art