Just a few moments ago I noticed a blog post from Simply Celebrate popped into my email in-box. "Strange," I thought, "since I didn't create a new post to go out today."

Stranger still, when I opened the email, the link was broken and the text was from a blog post I created more than a year ago.

I immediately saw this part of me go into action, wanting to A) blame someone/something and B) to fix something. This part of me was screaming "Urgent! Emergency!"

And I nearly bought into it.

But then, thanks to some lovely grace that dropped in outta nowhere, I just took a deep breath. I saw that it wasn't really me crating all that would-be drama. Just my ole pal, Squirrel Mind. So I whisked it away.

And I figured, "Maybe this is a good time to send a new post for Cherry Blossom Soup?"

So here I am. There's nothing to know. Nothing to figure out. Nothing awful happening. Just some weird glitch that may or may not rear its head again. I apologize if you, too, received that recycled, broken-arted post in your email box.

However, I am glad for the chance to say hello and invite you to keep an eye out for your own situations in which Squirrel Mind wants to write a soap opera. Just remember, you don't have to buy into it. Just breathe, breathe, breathe.




P.S. Just to infuriate Squirrel Mind, I am going to find some really lovely, peaceful art to go with this post. Something that maybe doesn't even seem appropriate. Something random. Ha!