If we remind ourselves often of the woman we want to be,

then the woman who has been masquerading as us all these years will breathe her last breath

and give us back our life.

—Marianne Williamson



Today's post is a special one, as I am participating in a Blog Hop hosted by a wonderful group of women artists/entrepreneurs whom I met during a course called Flying Lessons. Dozens of us are posting images and thoughts that were inspired by the class. I decided to focus on what it means to fly. Well, more specifically — how we teach ourselves to fly.

I know in my own experience that there's an inner vision of the person I most love and long to be. There's a "me" who is full of vitality and generosity and wonder. This girl in me wears striped socks, steampunk boots, and seagreen tutus. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, learn how to make veggie lasagne, or take a spin on an orange scooter. This gal in me is free. She is excited by life and when I'm her, I feel like I can do anything. Oh yes — I can fly!

Now, it's not that this part of me isn't alive. She is. Sometimes. But this is where the "learning to fly" part comes in. Because in my experience, being the person we love and long to be in the world is a practice. Sometimes it might land on us by grace or accident, but why wait? We can teach ourselves how to fly. Here's how:

  • Imagine who you are and what it feels like for you to fly. You can do this visually with art supplies of any kind. You can do this in writing. You can do this by speaking aloud into an audio recorder. You can lie on your back, close your eyes, and just imagine what your own version of flying is like. You've got to know what you're going for before you can teach yourself to get there!
  • Make a list of places and times in your life when you soar. This is key. If you know who and what sparks that flying feeling inside, you can consciously create more of that. For me, I know that I feel most alive and creative after dance or yoga class. I know that fun outings with my son always spark my imagination. I know that long stretches of time alone, listening to music I love, helps me feel more expansive. Reading poetry, going to theater, walking by the ocean, meditating, and going on day trips all offer space for my wings to unfurl. Oh, also: telling the truth, not hiding, being real, not pretending, accepting. These, too.
  • Deliberately and decisively schedule things from your list. That's right. You're going to literally plan to create these moments of your life when you have the best opportunity to feel like the person you want to be. Do whatever it takes to keep these commitments to yourself. Monkey Mind will try to talk you out of these commitments, but don't let it!
  • Coach yourself. Post fun notes around the house, send yourself voice notes on your phone, clip out magazine pics that inspire the flying you, create an altar or daily ritual for this part of you, and buy yourself clothing/trinkets that remind you of who you most want to be.
  • Be gentle, kind, and compassionate to yourself. Remember, learning to fly is a practice. And as far as I know, no one learns to soar by beating up on themselves or berating themselves. As my teacher Cheri Huber says, "be kinder to yourself than you think you should be."

Wanna know the real secret about teaching ourselves to fly? That the very act of choosing to learn how to fly is in itself, flying. The payoff, the feeling of soaring, happens every single time we say to ourselves, "I want to fly." You're already there, baby. Just keep going!


(Photo by istock Photography)


Spreading our Wings Blog Hop

I recently finished an ecourse called Flying Lessons from Artist, Author, & Possibilitarian Kelly Rae Roberts. During the course, I connected with an amazing and talented group of artists. We've stayed connected via a FB page and decided to host a  Blog Hop with the theme, Spreading Our Wings.

I'm excited to check out these inspiring blogs. Hope you will, too!

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Special Thanks to Michelle Reynolds for the use of her artwork(http://shellsinthebush.blogspot.com/)! For more info on classes by Kelly Rae Roberts visit www.kellyraeroberts.com or check out her new Hello Soul. Hello Business. http://kellyraeroberts.com/hello-soul-hello-business. Thanks for hopping with us!