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I gotta tell you, Monkey Mind is really trying hard to zap my energy and make me feel small and UN-creative. I figured saying that might be a good place to kick the conversation off. In my experience, often when I set out to find a little freedom and fun (creativity!) for myself, MonkeyMind is right there, ready to do whatever it can to stop the process.

I’m really excited about trying something new. It’s been fun to plan. But I noticed that when I woke up this morning, I was full of anxiety and questioning mind. How will this work? What if no one comes? Who cares anyway? Suddenly, instead of my attention being on the fun I’m having, it was getting directed to outcomes and this fear of not knowing.

It makes me wonder if this process happens a lot for me around creativity. I get excited to try something new or have a little fun and some part of me comes in with a loud booming voice, wanting to know how things are going to turn out or asking all kinds of questions about what I’m doing, instead of letting me just stick my hands in the paint and see what follows.

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