I am attending a conference for a few days and am in the throes of trying to get everything done before I go.

There are always lots of practical things on my to-do list the day before I go. There are also always a couple things that aren’t at all practical, but that I really love to do: writing cards to my son and my beau and slipping them in the mail so they arrive while I’m gone. I love the way this small practice forces me to breathe deeply and come back into my body after scrambling all day to check things off the list. I also love that while I am away, I can imagine how fun it will be for them to receive something personal in the mailbox. That they’ll know I was thinking about them right before I left for my trip.

Give it a try next time you go away and let me know how it goes.

Come to think of it, you (or I!) don’t have to go away to try this out! You could make or buy a greeting card and mail it off to someone in your life. Just because.

Snail mail is a great way to spread a little surprise joy. Let’s use it while we still have it!

Have a great weekend while I’m gone!