Monthly Blog Archives: May 2010

Dropping the Masks


Earlier this week I read an article in the New York Times about a photography exhibit called Jump. The exhibit showcases photographs by Philippe Halsman in which the subjects are …  you guessed it: JUMPING. Halsman said “When you ask a person to jump, his atten...

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I can do anything good.


Have you seen the video called Jessica’s Daily Affirmation? In less than one minute, this darlin’ child goes through a litany of things she likes about her life, ending with “I can do anything good.” I have a practice of writing things I am grateful for on a list i...

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Think Big!


I read in the paper today that artist Dustin Shuler has died. I had never heard of Shuler, but the accompanying photo of his art caught my eye. He was a sculptor who used automobiles in his work. In the piece that was pictured, called Spindle, Shuler had skewered eight vehicles — ba...

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Not to be missed. (Or stepped on!)


My friend Marcie turned me on to this artist, Slinkachu.  The tagline for his work is “Little handpainted people left in London to fend for themselves.” If you check out his blog or website you can see the little people in  photographs close up or from afar...

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For my mom, all the moms, & anyone who has ever been someone’s child.


In honor of my own generous, funny, all-loving, energetic, intelligent, delightful Mother, I am sending you a poem written and read by Billy Collins, called “The Lanyard.” I cry every time I hear this poem. It is just under three minutes long. I promise you, it is worth your t...

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Not just for moms.


StoryCorps just released this four-minute animation of an interview between 12-year old Joshua Littman, who has Asperger’s syndrome, and his mom. The animation interview is a great kick-off to Mothers’ Day. But it is also a touching piece about how we relate to the people...

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