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During last night’s Lively Conversation with Trish Bruxvoort Colligan, she talked about how important it is for us to be able to slow down enough so we can actually think about what story we’re coming from or what new story might be wanting to emerge.

In the spirit of that, I invite you to find a comfortable place where you can sit in silence for five minutes. During that time, ask yourself what new story might be trying to find its way to you. Perhaps you can invite in a picture of something that might guide you in the process. Focus on your breathing. Don’t force anything. Just see if anything helpful arises.

When I tried this just now, not only was it lovely to just stop for a break, but I had an interesting image arise out of nowhere. My image was of a kid playing in the water. As I watched, the kid kept diving in and would pop back out, beaming, and holding something: a book, a ring, a fish. That kid was having so much fun and he kept finding surprises.

I realized from this imagery that I’d like to allow myself more time to splash around in something that is physical and fun. Maybe a new story for me lives in that place of not-pushing, just playing.

I’m ready to dive into a new story.

Let me know if you try it; I’d love to hear.