HOS_122CFor those of you who might be on a tight budget this year, or who just don’t feel like buying a bunch of “stuff,” I want to offer a few suggestions of some gifts that people might really need — but don’t cost you money.

Here’s a short excerpt from the “Great Gifts Guide” that will be posted on the Simply Celebrate website shortly. The Guide lists many different kinds of gifts, including:

Giving your time and talents.

One of the things people most miss about gift giving is the most obvious gifts of all — something we do all the time. If you’re a computer whiz, how about giving a coupon or two for emergency house calls to help troubleshoot. A seamstress could make some alterations coupons. A handyman could offer three hours of fix-it services. Here are some other similar gifts that use your talents:

  • Golf expert: Beginners lessons.
  • Accountant: tax consultation.
  • Cook: Cook a meal for them in their home.
  • Car mechanic: Tune up the car or change the oil.
  • Editor: Help with resume.
  • Yoga teacher: At-home individual lesson.
  • Massage therapist: Back-care massage.
  • Photographer: Family photo